Novroz, a day of great significance


Navroz literally means a new day and marks the start of the Iranian new year. Besides Zoroasters, Muslims in different parts of the world also celebrate this festival.

The significance of this year’s 21 March is multiple as people from different faith are celebrating different religious festivals.  On 21 March Christian celebrates Good Friday, Muslim Eid Milad u Nabi and Novroz, Hidu Holi, Jewish Purim, Bahai Naw-Ruz, and Zoroastrian Jamshedi Noruz.

Navroz is an age old tradition dating back to the Assyrians bringing gifts to their Achaemenid King. The Fatimid Imams adopted this local tradition and gave it grandeur with their elaborate processions and participation by all, when they expanded the Caliphate from Egypt to include Persia. Since then, this new year tradition of the first day of spring, has remained with Ismailies and spread across the continents. 

Click the link to read more about Novroz:  Origin of Novroz and Ismailism


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  1. A very special day tomorrow is indeed… every onez celebrating the day in one way or the other.
    I wish this fusion of festivals bring peace in every onez life and in the world we live in. May you be blessed beyod what you expect.
    My warm wishes to you all!!

    I request you if any one has information regarding the origion of novroz festival and its celebration in different forms in our history.. I had read some where dat it emerged from Iran. tried to get more info. on my on, but all unsatisfactory. If any one of you can send more info.on ma id or share through this platform.

  2. Eid Mubarak to each and every one traveling through Pamirtimes and… May this day bring countless happiness coupled with good health, peace, prosperity and above all knowledge to you and your families…..

  3. Happy Navroz to everybody.

    May the new year bring peace and prosperity to you,
    your families and the country!

    Those of you interested in history may go through
    this. Others may simply stop!

    Omer Khayam recorded this in ‘Nawroznama’ that on the
    day of Navroz, the Chief priest of Zoraostrian would
    call on the Persian King and say:

    “O Majesty, on this feast of the Equinox, first day of
    the first month of the year (Navroz),

    seeing that thou hast freely chosen God and the Faith
    of the Ancient ones;

    may Surush, the Angel-messenger, grant thee wisdom and
    insight and sagacity in thy affairs.

    Live long in praise, be happy and fortunate upon thy
    golden throne, drink immortality from the Cup of
    Jamshid; and keep in solemn trust the customs of our
    ancestors, their noble aspirations, fair gestes and
    the exercise of justice and righteousness.

    May thy soul flourish; may thy youth be as the
    new-grown grain; may thy horse be puissant,
    victorious; thy sword bright and deadly against foes;

    thy hawk swift against its prey; thy every act
    straight as the arrow’s shaft.

    Go forth from thy rich throne, conquer new lands.
    Honor the craftsman and the sage in equal degree;
    disdain the acquisition of wealth.

    May thy house prosper and thy life be long!”

    Amin Beg

  4. May everyday of new years glows with good cheers & happiness.
    Wishing that every ones new year is bright & beautiful….

  5. Happy Navroz mubrak to everybody…. Wishing everyone a very FaNtaStIc & PeAcEfUl …. New Year!!!

    Regards ..

    Basit ALi


    May the coming Year bring a lot of glad tidings, barakaat, peace,turbulent and happiness for us all.

    May all things around us all be bright and beautiful. and smiles on our faces and a lot of sunshine in our lives! (Aameen)

    Shamim Ali
    Boston USA

  7. mi shilldati watan gilgit biltistan diamir ghizer astor hunza nager pooronut novroz mubarak kohistan sheedto slam. tha talim aam aman kay baigam sati. dunyat kona bai giltay halati pashi huo booti praishan ban.sab gilgit waloon ko uganda may mojood 100 say ziyada gilgit biltistan waloon ki traf say slam qbool ho wasalam

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