Joint Shishkat – Gulmit meeting held in Karachi

by Qasim Shah

Karachi, February 1: The Karachi based residents of Shishkat and Gulmit discussed future of the region during a meeting. These two villages are under immediate threat due to a lake formed on River Hunza as a result of the landslide that destroyed Attabad.

Participants of the meeting criticized the government for late action and demanded that pace of the work on releasing water from the lake shall be increased to ensure minimum losses to their villages. They also criticized the elected leaders for ‘making false promises’ and not acting swiftly to ensure safety of lives and property.

It agreed during the meeting that people belonging to other villages of Gojal will be contacted and taken on board for further action.

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  1. The government is not late they are working but u people r late bcz u where bzy there with tournament……….

  2. I think its not time to argue and criticise each other! its time to take actions. we need to unite and remind Government for immidiate actions. its surprising that, the people of my valley who fight on borders and give sacrifices of theitr lives to protect Pakistan are quiet to ask the Government to protect our assets and the hundreds of years history that is washing out infront of us and we are silently obsrving it! i think now we should ask the governmnt either to take strong steps or we should plead for help to a neighbour country or so………………

  3. PT have become very selective in choosing comments of their own liking; come on guys, you need to be very neutral in your journalistic profession. We already have so many tainted journalists around each corner. Be courageous!

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