Daughters of Eve and their roles in the society

Starting from the hunting-gathering societies of yonder years men, being decision makers, expect women to play specific roles in the society. The image above was taken decades ago somewhere in Hunza Valley. It shows a child playing with a cradle. Obviously the child is getting prepared, consciously or unconsciously, for future roles that she would be allowed to play.

Has there been a change in perceptions regarding gender-roles in our mountain societies? If yes, how has the change influenced our lives, culture and beliefs?

Let’s discuss.

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One Comment

  1. Yes obviously there has been a drastic change in the role of women in GB over the years. It’s much wider now. Don’t you see talented females of hunza getting educated in the best of universities across nation as well as globe? Their role in various sections of society is more prominent than it used to be before. Previousy women in GB were confined to their homes. They were hardly allowed to take part in activities outside their home. Today it’s not like that. Their roles have become more productive. Having said that, one can’t rule out the possibility of women being subdued in certain parts of the GB even today.

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