FWO reduced lake barrier by 13 meters

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, May 11: The Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) has reduced the height of the debris by 13 meter against the actual target of 30 meter, indicates a report of a government department closely monitoring the Attabad disaster. An official of the department on condition of anonymity said that this report has been already submitted to the district administration. It is worthy to mention here that the officials of FWO are claiming, in their briefings to high-ups, of successful achievement of the actual targets.

Meanwhile, the water has entered the commercial areas of Tehsil headquarter Gulmit. The people started dismantling the buildings and moving their assets to safer locations. According to reports the water could submerge 120 shops, 38 houses, one community centre, thousands of kanals of lands and domesticated plants along with 5 kilometre of the strategic Karakoram Highway and 3 bridges within few days. The lake has also started submerging the low laying areas of Ghulkin and Hussaini villages.

According to the latest reports the length of the lake has increased to 18 kilometer with maximum depth of 320 feet. According to Focus about 45 feet, whereas GB Works Departments 58 feet, of debris is still remaining for overtopping of the water.

It is here to mention that the lake has already submerged 90 houses with all properties in Shishkat and Ayeenabad settlements and further threatens 40 houses. The lake has also submerged 20 kilometer of the KKH, the largest bridge on KKH and a suspension bridge between Shishkat and Gulmit.

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  1. ZAK has done a brave job by bringing out the real truth about the work on the lake barrier.This shows how the gov. and FWO are hiding facts from the ppl .In the briefing to Qaira one can see how confidently the army major lies when he says this target has been achieved and that ll be achieved bla bla . This much work could have been done by our ppl with our own afforts…

  2. the alarming pace with which d lake is submerging d land can definitely,be either balanced or alleviated by using motor pumps-which can displace a large volume of water in no time……..what is afterall d FWO waiting 444444444!! failed nd wrinkled organization…..make it upppp

  3. What Farooq Hassan of FWO said about the date of discharge of water from Lake and he was confident about the work being done there at site. I think he is confident about the work will not be done on given dates and the people will face handship. I think this was his objective.

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