[Breaking News] Police opens fire on protesters in Aliabad, one killed, 4 people injured

Attabad Landslide affectees were protesting on arrival of Chief Minister

Police fire tear gas to disperse the enraged public, people attack and occupy Aliabad police station

PT Report (updated)

Aliabad, August 11: Police in Ailabad, Hunza, have opened fire on peaceful protesters, inuring five people. The injured were immediately shifted to hospitals in the major town, where one person has , reportedly, succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. This is the most violent case of police action in the history of Hunza Valley.

The protesters were mostly those affected by the Attabad landslide disaster and the damming of Hunza River, belonging to Shishkat and Ayeenabad. They were protesting on arrival of the Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, to the region and demanding early release of funds for rehabilitation.

According to initial reports those injured include one from Aliabad, a student who was caught in the firing on his way back from college, and four protesters from Ayeenabad and Shishkat. Names of the killed and injured are not known at this stage.

Hundreds of people are coming out on streets across the region, protesting against the police brutality and failure of the district administration and government to protect innocent citizens.

The protesting public in Aliabad, after police shelling, have attacked the police station in Ailabad and put it on fire.

Religious and social circles have condemned the incident and asked the people to calm down and allow the law to come in action. They have appealed to the appeal to not take law into their hands.

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  1. It is fact that the GB government can’t do any thing good for us but at least they shouldn’t do bad to us. we don’t need the visits of high officials who are in fact hi-officials just meant for hello hi in the assembly. shame

  2. What a shame.
    Killing protesting Attabad landslide affecttees is very unfortunate. How could the brutal police force use live bullets to fire on protesters.
    There should be a province wide strike against this brutality.
    The CM should order judicial inquiry .

  3. The Puppets, Wazir Baig and Mehdi Shah should be ……. punished …… along with the policemen responsible for this shameless killing of innocents. Wazir Baig should be exiled out form Hunza…:(

  4. Its heartbreaking incident to kill an innocent live. Shame on Mahdi shah, the local administration and police.
    People of Hunza should stay calm and take the situation very carefully.

  5. its time for the people of Hunza Valley( shimshal to khizirabad) to demonstrate unity and exert united front in unison for their social, political and administrative rights.

  6. The incident is the worst of its kind and should not have happened. The events took place during the last weak in Hussaini and now the police firing and attacking government offices seem to be in a chronological order which indicate a political movement behind these apparently isolated incidences.

    There are three different developments going on i) Headquarters of newly created Hunza Nagar District is to be decided and such an incident has direct implication for such a decision. ii) Additional seat for Gojal has to be allocated which has not yet been finalized, and iii) Investigation of the attack on houses in villages in Gojal last weak.

    Better if the case is taken holistically and resolved in the best interest of the people otherwise there are chances of political adventurism as all the seasonal hawks are found in Hunza during summers who can cause a irreparable harm to the region.

    Ali Ahmad Jan

    1. I agree with Mr.Jan. These kind of developments are very senstive for the region. Hunza is known for its Peace and crime free place in the world but there are some motives to create such a law and order situtaion in the region. There could be some political hands behinds it or some other actors have hand on it. People of Hunza should take the situation very carfully and there should be any committee on regional level to study the issues and developments that are happining. people should stay calm and dont take law and order in their hands. we have witnessed in all region of pakistan where voilance is being created.
      there are two major reasons where these actors are taking advantage and creating voilance, first is from the depressed land slide affectees of attabad lake that include gojal and shishkat village. that we witnessed from the invassion of armed labourers in gojal. secondly the palcement of District Headquarter in Nagar that people of hunza could be broght into voilance again and now this inccident of police fire on inncent protestors who are land slide affectees.
      its time for every one educated and eldors and the civil society organizations in Hunza to understand the situation very carefully becouse it seems its a preplaned voilance. every one should play their rolel to bring down the sitation calmly. let there be a good commitee invoving all the villages to tackle this issue sereiusly.
      May Hunza be peacefull and lovely again.

  7. we people are really wory here in islamabd please give us athentic information regarding firing.

  8. Very shameful act by police. They should use tear gases instead of live bullets to stop protestors from damages.
    If we remain silent on this action our lives would not have any worth more and such incidents would repeat.
    There should be a judiciary inquiry against Policemen involved, police officers who gave order and even on Wazir baig and Mehdi Shah. Only then other people will realize worth of our blood otherwise it will be shed like in rest of Pakistan.

  9. The Puppet… WAZIR BAIG shall be accused not only for the killing of these people but also for showing the peaceful natives of Hunza this worst time. this is the worst thing happened ever. If we will not protest this brutal killing these butchers will shed more blood in future so lets stand against the evil and let the punishment fit the crime! so that no one can even think about such criminal offense !

  10. its very sad news to hear from back home in Hunza and Gojal and Gilgit,Baltistan..

    I am shocked and horrifeid to hear this news in over seas, What a shame act from the Governement Agency of Gilgit, Baltistan ..Its a motto and aim every seasons during the month of Summer.. The government officials will deifeinately bring some kind of disturbance in the region every year specillay at summer times and this must be cut off.

    We are peaceful people of Hunza and Gojal, We are known in the world for Peace . .Instead of bringing justice to the people of Gojal and Hunza from the last week problems created by some of the other group labourers backed by police now the government officials played their aim role in creating more and more worse situations for the people of this Peaceful regions.

    May God bless my mother land Hunza and Gilgit, Balitsan….

    May Allah always keep the evils away from entire gilgit, Baltistan.. May Allah protect my people of Gojal, Hunza. Gilgit Baltistan.Allah always keep the people of Gilgit, Baltistan away from all the troubles created by our governement and the current puppet Ministry Mehdi shah and their team are only acting as per the odrers from down in Islambad. We Gilgit, Baltistan must stand United and must fight for our rights.We all need Justice and Peace for our all region. How long you can play with the people and with their life one day . God will bring justice for our people.

  11. We really feel both sad and bad because of the vulnerable condition of Hunza since this accidents. We were completely terrified by this news since yesterday as we are away from Hunza. Tears were dropping from our eyes all the time because of this henious diasaster that took place in Hunza which was once idetified as a peacefull place in the world. We don’t feel proud to be Hunzai because we get scared whenever we talk about Hunza. We all the time discussed that Hunza would be the best place, but now this violence has chnaged our minds, and forces them to stay away from Hunza. However, we will never let this kind of violence from today because we are the leaders of today and we are leaders of tomorrow.

  12. A black Man was killed in London! and the whole England is on fire.. now what the Police force have done in Hunza is really a shame! The Government should keep this thing in mind that by killing three people, they should not take it as they usually do in other parts of Country. Every Hunzai is going to remember this pain through out! and I guess the Government wants to de-stabilize the only safe place remains in the whole country. Enough is Enough!

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