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Registrar Supreme Court accepts application seeking Suo-Moto action against GB Taxation bid

Special Correspondent 

Isalmabad, October 5: Registrar of the Supreme Court has accepted an application submitted to see Supreme Court’s Suo-Moto action against the efforts to impose taxation in Gilgit – Baltistan. The application has been submitted by the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan, with the support of Marvi Memon.

The registrar Supreme Court has said that the application would be forwarded to the court.

The  applicants have maintained that that imposition of taxes in GB is unlawful because the region does not enjoy any representation in the elected bodies of Pakistan. They have demanded of the Supreme Judiciary to take notice of the efforts and put a stop to them, in view of their “illegality”.

It is pertinent to note that the GB Council has been making efforts to impose taxes in GB. The GBLA has mixed reaction to the taxation bid, with the finance minister opposing it and threatening to bring masses to the street.

GB Council members maintain that the region’s dependence on Islamabad can be decreased by collection of taxes in the region.

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  1. We hope justice will be done with the poor and oppressed people of Gilgit-Baltistan. The evil design of the titular govt. will be thrown away…..

  2. ohhhhh what the hell going to happen .taxes in gilgit blatistan not acceptable .we dont have member in national assembly .first give us our rights then we might be ready for a change. honestly am not happy the way govt is hijacking us

  3. Sindh High Court Karachi 1846/2009 last three years Data Processing Assistant for upgradation hiring hiring no out put please Suo moto aciton

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