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Poll on Diamir – Bhasha Dam

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  1. Is this Project is passed by the Northern Area Council? if it is passed from the Na council than it is ok and it is accepted by people.It should be triangle agreement between Gilgit, NWFP and Pakistan.If any agreement have been done, it should be cleared to people so the confusion not rise among the people.
    The Na council should inform the realities about this project to the area people.
    sharif ullah Ishkoman,Ghizar

  2. Yes to Diamer/Basha Dam but with full royalty and rights to the Northern Area people including Parliamentary rights.

  3. roaylity should be given to the northern areas coz they deserve more than that,, and work should be started as soon as possible, otherwise we hav no other option than paying a huge amount on electricity bills.

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