"I had to use Oxygen due to bad weather": Hassan Sadpara

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Official reception planned for 2nd Pakistani conqueror of Mount Everest

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Islamabad, May 15: I planned to scale the Everest without an Oxygen mask but had to abandon the plan due to extremely bad weather.

The above information has been communicated by conqueror of Mount Everest, Hassan Sadpara, in an interview with BBC Urdu.

He has reportedly told BBC that the weather was really bad and he was forced to change his plan.

It is pertinent to note that a section of the mainstream and vernacular press reported that Hassan Sadpara had scaled the Everest without putting on an Oxygen mark.

At higher altitudes the concentration of Oxygen in the air decreases to extremely low levels and mountaineers are required to put on Oxygen masks to reduce the risk to their lives.

In the meanwhile the GB government has announced that an official reception will be given for the national hero, who has made the entire Pakistan proud at a time when there is mounting international criticism of nation.

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