[Website Review] Peeping into Shahid Qalandar's heart

The good news is that Shahid Akhtar Qalandar is back and the even better news is that he is back with a bang, if that’s the right term to describe his new website.

SHAHIDQALANDAR DOT COM, described as “A direct Look into my heart :)”, presents new and old recordings of the nightingale of Hunza, with better sound quality and, hey, free online access, anytime you wish!! Isn’t that amazing?

The website also contains, or will contain in the near future, a complete portfolio of Shahid’s work related to interior designing and 3D visuals.

Thank you Shahid for giving us the opportunity to listen to your melodious voice and amazing poetry, coupled with jazzed, digitized, music.

Don’t miss this one! Enjoy amazing Burushaski songs, you would love the voice and music, even if the words don’t sound very familiar 🙂

Reviewed by Papu Gojali

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  1. I disagree with Jojon. I think like anyother artist, a professional artist he has made a balance in his profession and music. As our artists cannot only survive on music its gud that he has maintained.
    To my knowledge,living overseas he is working on his new album and has taken a gap like previous albums of 3 to 4 years.
    In a way he has lots to offer to Gilgit Baltistan then any other artist and we await his return as we are proud of him.

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