By Mehboob Aziz – for Pamir Times 

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  1. dear mehboob &pemire time .i see your picture and i am very happy see this picture and i think this picture is BLUE SHIPE NOT IBEX you are tootly rong first you confrom it and then add in your web site ok plz correct it

  2. Dear fellows, these pictures were taken almost a week ago in little pamir. In Xikwor, we call them “ROOSH WAR” or ROOSH. in English these are known with the name Marcopolo Sheep. Blue sheeps are a bit smaller in size and with shorter horn. thanks.

  3. Thank you Mehboob for sharing this.

    To the best of my Wakhi vocabulary:

    i) Ibex in Wakhi (Gojal) is Vizhik (Male: Yukshh: Female: Merg)
    ii) Blue Sheep in Wakhi is Rama Poi
    iii) Marco Polo Sheep in Wakhi is Roosh

    Any other member could help us correct our basics.

    Mehboob, we would like some ‘short stories about the socio-economic status and development process in Wakhan. You can also introduce some teachers, poets and local scholars to PT so that we get to know their world view.


    Amin Beg

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