Nurse Shabana was killed and hanged, arrested man and woman confess

The building where Shabana was killed The hospital building where Shabana was killed and hanged.

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Gilgit, July 31: GB police seem to have moved closer to resolving the death case of Nurse Shabana who, according to confessions of two arrested culprits, was raped, killed and then hanged, to stage a suicide drama.

According to details, a woman named Jamila, Warden of the hostel where Shabana was found dead two months back, and her accomplice named Abbas have confessed that they had killed and hanged Shabana, to make it look like a suicide case. According to the two held culprits, a watchman of the hostel was also involved in the murder case.

Jamila has, reportedly, told the police that Shabana was in possession of a video tape “related to her” which she wanted to obtain. To get the tape Jamila ganged up with Abbas, with whom she had illicit relationships, and killed Shabana. Before being killed, Shabana was also, reportedly, raped.

The police have now decided to dig the grave of Shabana and examine her body. A team of doctors from some other part of the country will be called in for the body examination.

It is pertinent to note that earlier medical reports had declared the death of Shabana to be the result of suicide. Family members of the Shabana, including her father and brother, had rejected the report and accused the police department and DHQ authorities of concealing the facts.

The new revelations may, finally, lead to exposing the culprits who killed Shabana and those who tried to hide the facts, creating hindrances for delivery of justice.

The death had taken place inside the midwifery hostel of the District Head Quarter Hospital, Gilgit, one of GB”s largest medical facilities.

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