Spillway of the dammed Hunza River to be deepened by 30 meters

FWO has started work on spillway of the dammed river

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 07: The excavation work on spillway of the dammed Hunza River has been accelerated in order to ensure the release of water during the winter and  re-link the strategic Karakoram Highway between China and Pakistan.

According to a reliable source, depth of the spillway will be further increased by 30 meters. A tunnel bypassing the 10 – months old landslide lake will also be constructed to increase the drainage rate.

The Planning Commission has been made responsible for overall coordination of the project involving a number of national and international organizations. Lt.Gen (Rtd) Shahid Niaz, member (I&M ) PC is heading the project and implemented jointly by Pakistan Army, SUPARCO, Geological Survey of Pakistan, NESPAK, NUST, OGDC, PAEC, WAPDA and FWO. Norwegian and Chinese support has been acquired in excavation of tunnel. NHA has been given the responsibility of realignment and rehabilitation of the KKH.

According to our source, the decision was made in July, during a high level meeting in Islamabad, but the work could not be initiated due to the flooding situation in the country.

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  1. Thanks Zulfi for the update! any time frame given for these activities i.e. when will these be started?

  2. thirty meters..well let it not be d depth of just their Intentions.
    FWO z now to take itself as.Failed in Winter Organisation.gud luck december.

  3. It is really good to hear the new developments and some action on groundat the Spillway,but if we look closely at the images it is quite clear that the approach still seems to be in the wrong direction.Increasing its width is irrelevant to the drainage ,as the floor of spillway is clearly visible.The width has increased quite size-ably since the overflow . What i see is that every inch the same spillway is deepened will have the same impact upstream and will be highly recommended.It is for sure that the work is still not easy but the worked should be focused not just a show off.

  4. This is a gigantic undertaking as it seems that a major portion of the landslide East of the river must be removed in a way that leaves the slope stable. Hopefully no more workers will be lost. The excavators seem able to dump the debris into the spillway where hopefully it is being washed downstream.

    It is a relief to see that work has begun.

  5. We have already witnessed the consequences of bed intentions, lets divert our intentions from bed to good in order to avoid another flood throughout Pakistan, People of GB are very simple and innocent as compared to other parts of Pakistan but there is no doubt in mind about the bed eyes of our establishment and administration

    Actions depends upon intentions.

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