[Sports] Hussaini Team wins the PSA Silver Jubilee Cricket Tournament

Team Hussaini. Photo: Nazir Soleh

Israr Salahuddin 

Passu, July 26: The Passu Students Association Silver Jubilee Circket Tournament finished at passu circket ground, with Shah Talib Team Hussaini lifting the trophy, after beating Shimshal in the final match.

Batting first Shah Talib scored a mammoth 207 runs in 20 overs. In return Shimshal team was all out on 170. Israr from Hussaini scored 63 runs, playing a major role in his team’s victory.

Israr and Imran from Hussaini were jointly declared players of the series. Aziz from Shimshal got the Best Batsman award, while Himayat from Passu got an award for scoring the fastest 50 (of 16 balls).

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  1. Congratulations to Hussaini Team. Winning a tournament like Jubilee is a great effort and the team remains victorious for long time. Reaching in the final of a Historical Momemnt is also a big achivement.

  2. Congratulation boys!

    You did a wonderful job as lifting the trophy second time in a row. Always we are anxious about you people education which is the utmost objective of a person’s life. I personally love if all of you lift similar achievement (award/recognition)trophy from your educational institutions as well. Be intac and keep high moral and live within the ethical pharapheries.

    Keep it up and best of luck

    Muhammad Jaleel

  3. Congratulations to Hussaini team for winning the tournament. I appreciate all the participating teams for participating in this positive activity with the sense of sportsmanship. The efforts of the organizer are also appreciable to provide opportunity for our youth to be involved in such healthy activities. I hope that our youth will diversify their activities and excel in other fields as well, particularly in their academics.

  4. Congratulation to the Shah Talib Xi (Hussaini Team) for wining the tournament. I hope all our youth will giving their efforts for the betterment of healthy lives. we thanks to the organizers who arrange such a positive ativties to refresh minds and thoughts. i agree the said comments of our seniors for academic achivemnts will be our first priority.. Best of Luck Hussani and Gojal youths for their sucessful future.

    Best wishes,

    Sher karim
    Bahrain GCC

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