Protest against 'nepotism' turns ugly in Khapulu, 5 MQM activists held

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Activists of MQM staged a protest demonstration in Khapulu, the headquarter of Ghangche district. They blocked the roads and raised slogans against the Health ministry for alleged corruption and nepotism in hirings.

According to details around 200 candidates had gathered for compete for 27 positions available at the Ghangche Health Department. While the test was going on some activists of MQM gathered outside the centre and started a protest demonstration. They alleged that the test was a drama and selections had already been made to reward the near and dear ones of Senior Minister Muhammad Jafar and other PPP leaders.

The test was cancelled for an indefinite period of time after the protest turned into a riot.

The police have arrested 5 activists of MQM on charges of creating a law and order situation. Officials of the Health Department have denied the accusations.

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One Comment

  1. Does it require political partys to become force in GB for us to get our right? We existed without them till now and we did quite well. Look at what is happening, political activities, activists, killings, disruption and retaliation!
    We have very little and we can afford to lose nothing, therefore if we continue sliding down the road of politics that has almost destroyed the rest of the country .. we will face even more quicker demise because we are ill prepared.
    There are very strong ways to protest for one own rights, by making our forums strong and focused.
    Our people need to understand that when you take the help of a thug to help you, you must be ready to pay the thugs price!!! For us this price will be very high.

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