People of Gojal express reservations on CM’s plan to sell POL supplies received from China

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Sost, September 1: Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Mehdi Shah, has reportedly said that in case the food relief received from China is only distributed in Gojal valley the government would urge NGOs to focus their attention on other parts of the region. He reportedly made the statement while visiting Sost to receive the relief goods sent by Chinese government.

The CM has also reportedly said that the fuel received from China would be sold by the government to private vendors, in order to generate revenues for the GBDMA.

People have expressed concerns about the statements. “If the fuel is being received as part of relief items the government can not sell it in any case”, a Gilgit based government official who did not want to be named told Pamir Times.

He also said that if the government is legally allowed to sell the fuel the revenues obtained shall be spent through credible local institutions on rehabilitation of the people in Gojal valley displaced by the dammed Hunza River.

“The Local Support Organizations (LSOs) shall be engaged in the process to ensure transparent utilization of the funds thus obtained”, he further said.

People fear that the funds might be spent on VIP movements of the GB government and GBDMA officials.

Different village organizations, Raabita Committee Mutasireen -e-  Gojal and student bodies have demanded of the concerned authorities to take notice of the attempts to sell the POL products and ensure transparency in the process.

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  1. Dear editor Pamir Times

    We condemn this statement of cm he is a corrupt cm and also wazir bage is partner of this plan. Shame for government offical and we support of GLSO to distribute of gifted relief of china.

  2. He and his colleagues may have already sold the relief goods. We should not be surprised if one day we discover that people are asked to deposit money for the relief goods.

    The CM has very special bias for the people of Gojal and he has shown his mentality on number of occasions even before the Attabad disaster. He had reportedly commented that the people of Hunza and Gojal are “Na Shukr” and the disaster was a punishment from Allah for the sins of its people.

    The people of Gojal have been cut off from the rest of the country for the last 8 months and the relief goods sent on a few boats was totally insufficient for a population of over 25,000 people. What is the morality of his demand that these goods should be sold for revenue and to other parts of GB.

  3. Why so called CM visited Sost ,Gojalis are still not aware of his statements? HA HA
    In the past he call them Nashoker Gojali and now he went to sost for corruption like his boos Zardari.
    It is shameful for those black sheep who are sporting to visit his visit or trying to admire them.

  4. What this ruling party is doing in Pakistan is replicating in the same way in GB.All these corrupt people have to look for their personal interest .What they are doing in action,in paper,and in statments is a clear evidence that they are for the total destruction of these people,,,,,,,,i dont what is their sin????????????????
    When this situation is going on since many months i don’t know where the ….. JIYALAS of Gojal are .I think Gojalis had much patience till now and if we continue so they will sell us to some one and ofcourse they are on their mission.
    Lets us rise now and teach these Blood Suckers that we have to save our area and people for our future generation

  5. where are the cent percent literate people? why are u so salient? the petrol will transport through sust to shishkat. people should resist the decision of worthless CM on the ground.

  6. Le bhai log. Relief ka saman HUNZA ponch gaya. mubarak ho. Abi Gilgit r phir pure saman Skardu ponche ga. or Gojali ke bhaio intizar karo phr 1 or protest karne k lia.

  7. Government was sleeping before the arrival of relief from china ; now the government has come into action seeing the relief from china CM is visiting sust DC is staying at sust ; jiyalas are staying at sust the relief mafia also active , public stiil showing patcience and waiting for the relief

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