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“I am honored to be in my country Macedonia”, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Chief Executive NALA

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July 12th: Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski welcomed Friday a high delegation, led by Prince Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Princess Rani Atiqa of the Hunza people, who are self-proclaimed Macedonians and descendants of Alexander the Great.

Gruevski expressed satisfaction with an establishment of ties between the two peoples, as well as Macedonia’s readiness for further boosting of the relations and cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest, the PM’s Cabinet said in a press release.

Gruevski also informed the high guests on political, economic and cultural developments in Macedonia, as well as about the country’s efforts to join the European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.

I am honored to be in my country Macedonia, the Prince said, pointing out that Hunza people are proud to be the descendants of Alexander the Great.

The princely state of the Hunza is currently part of Pakistan, former Persia, and the place of their residence is, according to historic data, the most eastern point of the kingdom of Alexander of Macedonia.

The high Hunza delegation is also scheduled to meet Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, HH Stefan, and Skopje Mayor Trifun Kostovski.

Moreover, the delegation will visit sites and towns throughout Macedonia, as well as attend the renowned Galichnik Wedding. The Hunza visit is organized by Macedonian Institute for Strategic Research.


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  1. It is really nice to see the establishment of ties between the people of Macedonia and Hunza. I wonder if these ties are really between the people of Hunza or Ghanzenfar Ali Khan. (Who lives in a dream world as Prince of the valley)? With out getting into the complexities of history may I ask who these members of this “high delegation” are? Isn’t the Macedonian Information Agency aware of the current political setup of Hunza and that there is no princely state of Hunza in existence?

    The statement attributed to CE Ghazenfar Ali Khan is interesting:
    “I am honored to be in my country Macedonia, the Prince said, pointing out that Hunza people are proud to be the descendants of Alexander the Great”.
    I am not so sure about the second part of this statement but am pleased to know that finally Ghazanfar finds himself a new country. He has searched for long time for a place where he can wear his ridiculous gown and live in the land of fools to convince himself and the people around that he is a prince/Mir. In the past he has tried to convince people in many places except Hunza such as Lahore, Islamabad, Kashgher and in some other cities of Central Asian countries. Even he tried to act as prince in one of the serials on Geo TV for one day.

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  3. Some people in Hunza may be decendents of the the weak, wounded and left behind soldiers of Alexander the Great but not certainly not Ghazanfar. As it is well established that the prince of hunza was brought from some where in central asia, most probably from Wakhan or surrounding areas. Similarly the wazir kutch are decendents of a man whose origions can safely be traced from central asia. The surname Baig is a good clue to that which is very common in centeral asia specially in Badakshan areas of afghanistan and tajikistan.
    So to say that Ghazanfar is a decendents of the Mecedonian is totally misleading. By the way who are the other members of this high delegation? What difference does it make whether they are decendents of the left behind soldiers of Alexander?

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