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Senator Mushahid’s peace plan for Siachen

Senator Mushahid along with other parliamentarians recently visited the Siachen glacier

He presented a three-point peace plan for the Siachen region. It suggests demilitarisation of the region with the withdrawal of armed forces of Pakistan and India.

The second point of the plan is conversion of Siachen into a peace park where mountain tourism and expeditions could be encouraged under the auspices of the United Nations Environmental Progr­amme and World Tourism Organisation.

The third point calls for collaboration between Pakistan and India to prepare a joint strategy for preserving the environment in the Siachen region whose impact will be felt by 1/5th of humanity living in South Asia.

“We should learn a lesson about futility of the conflict in Siachen from the Gyari tragedy, which resulted in the loss of 140 precious lives,” Senator Hussain said.

Courtesy: DAWN

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