Rare video of Attabad landslide, as it happened


First posted on Pamir Times

By Inayat Ali (Shimshal)

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  1. From June 7-11, 2010 i was in Hunza, from June 12-18, i was in Gulmit Gojal and visited Shishkat as well thrice. I was part of an NGO of Catholic Church and we were there to provide relief items to the victims.

    I m the eyewitness of the tragedy and also suffered from less food (no problem for me), no work to do as stuck due to bad weather and the pain of people of the area while being in Gulmit.

    I m trying best that if God helped us, wish to provide food stuff the victims before the snow starts to paralyze life there. I m so much worried about the people who lost homes and every thing, how will they survive in tents during November-February especially. Plz pray for us and i wish if the initiative gets ahead, Pamir times would be there for our encouragement.
    Wish u all the best.

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