Marvi Memon wants Supreme Court to take notice of Hunza Lake Issue

by Hyder Abbas

Gilgit, May 22: Member National Assembly and in-charge PML(Q) for G-B, Ms. Marvi Memon has demanded of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Suo Moto action against the ‘government’s negligence and untruthful commitments with the inhabitants of the Ata’abad-Hunza’.

She was speaking live to a private TV channel today during a protest held by the effecties of Ata’abad against the aimless visit of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani to the region. The local people were expecting some earlier relief package from PM, but he announced nothing except for inaugurating a “Langer” by Pakistan Baitulmal.

One half of the protesters, including men, was sitting on the edge of that dam demanding compensation for their lands. Ms Marvi Memon criticized Government’s policies of giving the contract to FWO, despite the fact that the Chinese Government was interested in the deal and they were promising to discharge the water with in one month by minimum or no damage.

She added, “It is beyond my imagination that, why did not the Govt offer that contract to the Chinese company, who was far more competent than FWO in every aspect”. She demanded the Govt to provide early aid to the affected people and bring their relatives back from the rim of that water bomb.

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  1. The Lady is 100% Right “It is beyond my imagination that, why did not the Govt offer that contract to the Chinese company, who was far more competent than FWO in every aspect”
    these are the words of an ex-parliamentarian and how a common man cant think about it, there should be and must be an action and inquiry of this negligence committed by the officials who were behind this human made disaster.

  2. All I have to say to Marvi is : HATS-OFF, indeed she is doing a great job!

  3. Yap indeed Marvi Memon is doing a great effort to Hunza affect es……….

    1. Please my friend AQAL KAY NAQON LO this lady she dos not know about herself we hunza people have mind we know better that what to do or what not to do please stay her in karachi pan kaho

      1. Dear Fida Hussain;
        if this is so, then where r u and where are GB politicians/goverment, atleast do respect the kindest act of pupil like Ms. Marvi Memon.

  4. I applaud Marvi Memon for her concern on hunza lake situation. the suggestion of involving Chinese expertise is the best one and i totally agree with this. I want to question all the authorities out there who waited so long to see the growing havoc and use the situation just for their political cause.

  5. excuse me all ov you. the lake has almost damaged every thing in your area.
    these peoples did nothing 4 you guys, they are making fun of u peoples. ef they wr
    serious abt the situatn, they should have clear the block in one month, the media can cover the kisses of shoaib and sania from the windows, then y they wr absent here?
    marvi memon is a sindhi and a topii too……

  6. hay any one going to register in supreme court a petition against FWOz made havoc.
    i thnk marvi can take it. we ppl of GB ll fully suport her….

  7. @D-X: Dear if any of us is praisng Marvi Memon’s efforts, it doesn’t mean that he/she is a blind follower. Evryone from above are educated and well awared of their future, Marvi Memon atleast has got the courage to speak onbehalf of the deprived people like us. She is the second one after President Pervez Musharraf who got some soft corner in her heart for people of G-B. We should appreciate if sm1 raisies our issues, not to put hurdles.

  8. Thank u Marvi for your support to Hunza people in this very crucial situation. We 100% agree with you and we support your idea that a so moto action must be taken again General (R) Farooq (Ex Chairman NDMA) and other responsible officials of the Governement. He must be charged of death sentence for making fool to the people of Pakistan. He tried to hide actual scenario and create water bomb as a gift to his motherland countery b4 his retirement. he is wholly responsible for all damages upstream and downstream in future.

  9. the authorities definately neglected the monster nurturing in the nap of gigantic mountains.One one part it swallowed our villages nd properties rest of d massive destruction ll be seen,whn d lake breaks.the authorities must accept the resposibility..

  10. I appreciate the effort of Ms. Marvi Memon, and infact I salute her for her kind concern for the people of GB in such a bad time.
    Dear all, I think in such situation we are supposed to get one, and we should not interfere the one who are taking positive step to resolve our problems,
    And as well i think its our duty to appreciate the one who shows his/her concerns for us and helps us in his/her capasity no metter who he/she is, from where he/she is, and from which party etc….
    but no doubt She is much much much better than our socalled leaders. MIR, WAZEER…. and others…
    EHO EVER helps us in any capacitBEST.
    y in these bad days are THE

  11. Thanks to Ms Marvi Memon for her consistency to highlight the disaster issue in and outside the parliment. You and Haider Abbas Rizvi deserve appriciation from people of G-B on this issue.

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