FWO has achieved 10 feet height reduction of spillway against 100 feet target – MLA Mutabiat Shah

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Gulmit, May 10: Technocrat member of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Mutabiat Shah, has said that the FWO has failed to achieve the planned height reduction at spillway of the dammed Hunza River.

“By mid of May 2011 the FWO had to reduce height of the spillway by 100 feet but only 10 feet has height reduction has been achieved”, Daily K2 has quoted MLA Mutaibat Shah as saying.

He has also, reportedly, said that the progress on excavation of the spillway has remained slow and water level in the lake is increasing with temperature rise in the upstream areas.

The Technocrat member who hails from Gojal – the valley dammed since January 4, 2010, has said that GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, has informed President Zardari, Premier Gillani and COAS General Kiyani of the situation in upper Hunza, Gojal.

The pace of work will have to be increased because within 10-20 days rise in water level would make it difficult to excavate the spillway further, the MLA has reportedly said.

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  1. For the first time it is seen that the representatives of the people have spoken on behalf of the people and it is very much appreciable, I hope they will understandand concider the problems of the residents of the region as theirs and work for them.
    And on the other hand it can be seen that it came very late too, “as it is said care is better than cure” so it should have come earlier may be a month or two ago by analyzing the rate at which work was been done.
    The Shameless FWO will continue its uncapable work and unreal claims as it has been doing for the last two years. We should not have much expectations from them and i thing the Government itself doesn’t want these works done, any way lets hope for the best and continue our struggles to rebuild Gojal. 🙂

  2. It is shameful performance by FWO to excavate of Attabad land slide. More than one year gone only 10 feet deep is excavated inside of 90 feet according their target. This big negative indicator shows FWO incapability and inaccuracy of plan. Unfortunately there will be hundreds of projects of FWO in the entire country especially in the strategic mountainous area, which will be completed after a decade, because FWO demonstrated its poor performance in the international rout (KKH). Now it is the responsibility of the so-called politicians (leading as well as the opposition) to come together to utilize their effort to realize the artificial lake water.

  3. As became plainly obvious to those with eyes to see last year, the bottom of the upper section of the spillway consists of large slabs that proved impervious to retrograde erosion. To lower the spillway these large slabs must be fragmented by drilling and blasting — and either trucked away or left to wash away by heavy flows. I do hope this work was done, but FWO so far has kept the public completely in the dark as to exactly what they did over the Winter; so, we will have to wait until peak flows to see if FWO did what was needed or not. If the slabs have been fragmented or bypassed the spillway could lower very quickly when heavy flows begin. People downstream need to be on the alert as the entire lake could drain quite suddenly.

  4. Probably FWO is waiting for some American soldiers who might appear from the sky and drain the water while they are asleep, Like they did in Abbottabad.

  5. With summer months,the flow due to glacial melt and rains will increase.

    I hope Early Warning System set up last year by FOCUS are functioning and working.

    FWO should have done a better job of deepening the spillway.what a pitty

  6. I don’t know why they haven’t been solved this issue yet. No one is bothering about the difficulties that people of valley are facing.

    Still best wishes for great and brave people of area.

  7. Now who will punish FWO for all their lies and incompentency…believe me the GBLA can do nothing about the fwo….because fwo belongs to FCNA….they have the real power..that’s why all GBLA have turned into sheeps…..For Gods sake do something abt these fwo who is doing nothing but money for fortifying their power……like mutabiyat shah others should now question the role of fwo and all the money they have taken to remove the spill way……….we are bearing the consequences…….God HELP OUR PPL

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