[Education News] Students and professionals of GB win laurels

2 PhDs, 6 Masters of Education belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan graduate from AKU and AKU – IED

KARACHI – (by Rahim Khan) –  Haji Karim and Karim Pana (Yasin) graduated as Doctors of Philosophy in Education from the Aga Khan University – Karachi. They obtained their degrees during the recently held convocation.

Ali Ahmed Khan, Sharif Ullah, Afiyat Nazar, Zohra Wazir, Taj – un – Nisa and Darvesh Karim, along with six others, also graduated as Master of Education (M.Ed) from the Institute of Educational Development of AKU.

Nasira (Passu) also graduated in the field of nursing.

Basit Ali adds – Sharif Ullah also got a special award for conducting a very useful research working towards his thesis.

Meherban Karim got best social mobilizer award in Azad Kashmir

BAGH – (by Fazal Rehman) – Meherban Karim, Gulmit, an employee of the National Rural Support Program (NRSP) won the award of best social mobilizer for his inspiring work with communities of the Haveli district of Azad Kashmir.

Meherban motivated the population of this area to implement the ERRA devised standards in construction of houses that were leveled by the fatal October 8 earthquake, few years ago. The award ceremony took place in Bagh, Azad Kashmir.

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  1. Congratulations Mehrban, you really deserve this award,

    Haveli is the most difficult area in AJK, people even dont think of going there for a day retun trip, but you worked there for a long time in such a challenging environment, and served the people there, which is really laudable. All the best.

  2. Dear All Professionals,

    We Congratulations and proud all of you, for your great achievements and God bless you, keep it up the sky is your limit.

    Ali Aman

  3. Congratulation to all students, we pray for your bright future,
    please mention all students from they are(villages name).

  4. Mehrban!
    Congratulations on your achivement. We are really proud of you. Keep it up my brother.

  5. Dear Noor:
    Some clarification is required regarding the Convocation; there were 5 to 6 other students as well who are from GB. Ali Ahmed Khan successfully completed not Ali Ahmed Jan. I don’t know about special award which was presented to some one during the convocation to any one.

  6. Many Many Congratulation to the future pillar of GB, i have no word to express my feelings… God Bless you all.. keep the Good work..


    Sher Karim Kawish
    ENI Pakistan

  7. Congratulations on such marvelous achievements. We need educated individuals in our society who could play a crucial role in the progress of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and of course in the development of our country.

  8. Congratulations Mr.Meherban Karim for winning this award. No doubt you deserve this award. Here some thing needs to correct, that, the programe was held in Islamabad Club not in Bagh AJ&K. The following details are about his contributions during the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in the Earthquake affected areas of Bagh District;

    Meherban Karim belongs to village Gulmit Gojal District Hunza-Nagar, Gilgit –Baltistan. He is Masters in social work, and he joined NRSP in Relief Project in District office Muzafarabad on 5-12-2005. After the successful competition of the relief project, Meherban has transferred to District Bagh to work in Reconstruction and rehabilitation project and placed in Tehsil Haveli SMT Kirni Gali and Hundi.

    Tehsil Haveli is one of the remotest and hard area and surrounding borders with occupied Kashmir specially the area where Meherban was working, in the beginning thy faced problems form the boarder security forces, the were not allowing to work in the boarder area due to mine field and fear of firing, but he mobilized the Brigade Commander and take NOC and started work there.

    Meherban was SMT incharge in the two SMTs of Kirni and Hundi. He faced problems and pressure but not compromised on the ERRA policies .It was very difficult to mobilize the people of the boarder area to follow the ERRA guideline. They were not ready to construct their houses according to ERRA guideline because local made houses are useful during firing and shelling, but Meherban’s commitment and hard work and strong mobilization make it possible to change the mind set of the people and the community strongly followed the ERRA guide line, he also mobilized the local community to purchase material for construction in bulk from the local market and Rawalpindi also, and the community followed the idea and save a lot of money.

    Work pressure and time management was also a big challenge for his team. Being a professional social organizer he faced all those problems and manage the team and provide necessary assistance to them, and coordinate with the district management for the success of the project, arrangement and maintenance of vehicles, cameras, computers, GPS and other necessary tools for engineers account assistants and social organizer made possible on time.

    He played his role in identification of vulnerable in the SMTs and prepared their action plan, contact with other organizations and mobilized the local community for construction of their houses. Due to a strong Conceptual Mobilization of him 99% of the community of the concerned area followed the ERRA guideline. He organized Community into a network of CO, VO and finally in LSO. Two in RnR area and one in other union council

    He highly cooperated with Government Departments, NGOs and other stockholders who are working for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the area. His cooperation with the PPAF team in the remote area was also remarkable in taking them for visit and inspection of houses, managing and keeping record of SMTs.
    Conduct 12 CMST trainings in field unit forward Kahutta for the activists of R&R project
    Due to his outstanding affiliation with the core cause, the objectives of RnR project were successfully achieved.

    The following characteristics of Meherban make him outstanding in the project
    •Qualified from university in his field
    •Hard worker, skilled, enthusiastic, and professional
    •The only social organizer was got training from IRM about mobilization
    •Faced the hardships in the boarder area bravely and worked in implementation of ERRA guideline
    •Committed and change agent specially changing the mindsets of the people boarder area to construct their houses according to ERRA guideline
    •Good mobilizer and role model for others in
    •Good team leader and team player in achieving the targets of R & R project
    •Assist engineer in trainings and also conduct CMST trainings for the community activists
    •Formation of three LSOs and 32 Vos and 52 male and 12 mixed COs has formed

    Fazal Rehman
    MER NRSP Distt. Office
    AJ&K, Pakistan

  9. Dear all,
    Many many congratulations for your academic achievements.

    I hope that after going through a series of challanges you have gained enough exposure to you will generously extend your knowledge, wisdom and support towards the communtiy’s upliftment and progress.

    I congratulate you once again for getting such an opportunity to explore your talents and to acquire something more precious and valuable.

    All the very best for now

    Aslam Ghalib


  10. congratulation to all those who completed their degrees from AKU-IED really taugh job and hard work specially who got their PHD Degrees

    Meherban Karim
    Bagh AJK

  11. I wished to write a lot but I couldnt…….I know what is it all about…wish u fellows good luck any ways…………..have good time

  12. Congratulation Sir Sharif ullah on your outstanding performance in thesis work.Sharif ullah belongs from Shishkat and has a good record in field of village based education, Good luck for your bright future.

  13. Congrats to all.
    @ Rahim,
    Please note, Award ceremony was held a day before the convocation ceremony where only top performers has been rewarded.

  14. Many Congratilution to Khserz Mehurban for your Best Social Mobilizer Award Achievement. You deserve it. I remember when used to say the condition and mind level of the inhabitent there in Bagh.
    Wish you the best.
    GC University Lahore

  15. Congratulation to YOU ALL for the complition of your degrees. It is a positive sign to the area. With professional degrees we can say that our peoples are becoming Educated.
    Special Wishes to Respected Sir Ali Ahmad Khan, Respected Sir Afiyat Nazar for your Achievements.

    GC University Lahore

  16. Congratulations to all who were awarded with degrees. This is really a source of inspiration for the up coming young professional to follow the path of those who excel in their professional careers.

    Mehrban’s achievements during discharge of his professional duties is commendable and I know he is a very committed and dependable young professional

    Keep it up, Mehrban, Sky is the limit.


  17. hello Bobon..
    sorry for being late to write few words on your achivemnt just FABULOUS man outstanding i am really proud of you keep on doing batter…
    congrates to those who have completed thier professional quafications from the university li AKU-IED god bless you all…

    Didar Karim Bari
    Professional Development facilitator
    Admin Incharge
    MIED Chakwal.

  18. Conguratulations to all who got their Phd and Masters degrees from IED. they really deserve our appreciation as they are going to be makers of our future generation. However, I abstain from appreaciating NGO people who got award for their ‘services’.
    I take pity on the people who showered praise on Meharban Karim. Come on guys he was paid for what he was doing. If he was that sincere, then he should have gone to serve the communities living in harsh conditions in Gulturi, Qamri and Broghul. If one earns millions in year in a famous NGO and claims to serve the community, then we should condemn and discourage this trend. It shows our shallowness and failure to differentiate between real service and paid service, hence failure to appropriately appreciate. Please stop praising NGO people here. i will conguratulate if someone gets a job there. But to declare NGO person as saviour of humanity is an insult of humanity.

  19. Well done Karim. I understand how challenging it is to work in the mainstream/ difficult locations and demonstarte your worth. I am extreamely happy to know that your extraordinary performance has been appriciated by the program which operates its program country wide.



  20. @ Khameto!!!!!

    Yes my dear you are absolutely right that Mr. Meherban Karim was paid for that job and he had to do that, but some thing to remember is that there are many professionals who are doing the same job and such kind of recognition events are held in there organizations as well but how many people are there who get succeed or prove themselves to be a nominee for such awards.

    We should encourage those who do hard work and show sincerity with their jobs. This kind of success stories helps our young stars to set a goal and to do hard work for their future. Please think for a while, what will happen if we praise or encourage someone on their achievements? If we will get any kind of reduction in our status or that will reduce our property, nothing, but only encouragement for both the person who is praised and our youth who will be the leader of our future. One thing I want to ask you, if you are that much sincere with the areas you mentioned above, why are you scared from writing your actual name?

    Wish you good luck and keep on writing with your real name!!!!!!


    Bagh AJ&K

  21. @khometo
    My dear, if you are sincere, why you are not showing your name. It was recognition by World Bank, I am working with a national NGO not international and i am earning in millions or billions you have no right to count that. I don’t know why you are so angry and jealous. Your behavior shows that you are not well socially and mentally .if I am paid for my service then those who got Phd degrees and masters from IED are also paid teachers.

    Meherban Karim

  22. I love to congratulate all those who have done their M.Ed from AKU-IED.
    I also falicitate Mr. Mehrban Karim for his award achievement.

    Best of luck and keep going on, you people are obviously the role model for the generation, be positve and encouraging.

    Wish you all the best.

    Mohammad Jalil

  23. Mr Khameto
    dear this is not the person who requests for the award this is the managment who decides whom to give and that award is not such a big thing for that person who belongs to north and specially from gojal we teach people about development ask NRSP for that why you critiseze meherban use common sence..

  24. A single teacher has more worth than hundred people of NGOs. though it is different issue that our society does not hold teachers in high esteem. it is more facinated by looks of ngo. I am frustrated, and mentally and socially not well because our society is mentally ill. Me and you are just indicators of that illness.

  25. Dear Mehrban, Congratulations! Infact, You are the best teacher and social change agent with modern Knowldge, Skills and Attitude. Keep it up.

    Dear Khameto, if you are a great teacher then “Give Respect and Get Respect”. Keep smiling and start appeciating and encouraging those who do/ did something good for people in need.



  26. Coridial felicitation to all the award-holders of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chtiral in academic and professional capacity. It is a pride for the people of the entire region. Karim Panah! You finally proved yourself as I had seen the highly academic spark in you in 2002-3 while conducting our educatoinal study on Ghizer district: Review of the NEP (a consultancy of AKESP given to MountCon). I’m really pleased to know that finally you crossed a deep and wide academic ford by getting the PhD degree in Education.

    Congratulations to all once again including Aafiyat Nazar, Sharifullah, Ali Ahmad Khan, Mehrban and other respectable graduates/professionals.

    Fazal Amin Beg

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