Scavenging children, a moment of shame for GB government

Can the disturbing sight of innocent children scavenging in an open waste dump knock on the conscience of our elected and nominated representatives of GBLA and GBC? Can pens and keyboards of NGO barons write yet another proposal to bring some project for helping these children? Can the society at large help the government in securing bright future for these children? PT Photo by Farman Karim

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  1. I think that they are not locals and outsiders, however it should be banned by the government forcefully under child labour act either they locals or outsiders.
    We appeal Government to act strongly on this matter and not ignore it.
    If really children are doing this job, the Government should provide education to these children through Baitual Mal and Zakat Fund. These are really deserving children and Government should pay attention.

  2. There is no any matter of shame for the government, because these scavangers are not locals rather they are Afghani pathans, who reside in gilgit illegally. unfortunately a school of thought in GB are backing thier presence, even a lobby is Nadra office Gilgit is making fake National Identity cards (NICs) for these non-local pashtuns and Afghanis, which is a matter of unfortunate. These intruders are an extra burden on the economy of GB and these elements are involved in different social, moral and sectarian evils and activities. In short, they are security risk for GB. Government should think about this matter seriously and manage to push them out from the region. Government should also take strict action on the officials of NADRA office Gilgit where issuance of fake NICs is continued since long time. it should be noted that in GB no outsider can get nationality, as it is being practices in AJK. This is becuase of the fact that constitutionaly GB is not an integral part of Pakistan. If State Subject Rule is imposed in AJK then why it is not practised in GB? All this is the part of great game by Pak government.

  3. @ M hassan Nagri: Does it matter if these kids are from afghanistan or some other parts of the world. Maybe there is a reason why they are in GB? U dont know their beackground. Just the fact that kids are forced to do such “jobs” is really too bad. They are kids and should get the chance to go to school and get education no matter where they are from. We are all humans and all should be treated equal!!

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