[PT Poll] Mutabiat Shah for Finance Minister?

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  1. Mirza sahib, you can’t say he’s a great banker my dear but yes, based on his recent little experience he is the best candidate. Besides, who else is educated in that council!

  2. According 2 formula ppp vl get 2 seats of technocrats and there are 3 nominated candidates….
    i dont think Shah Saab is Elected……..
    Jamil & Professor saab r in good position…

  3. @EK

    You seems jealous from not only Nazir but also from Mutabiat Shah. It looks you were also a candidate and lost it. M i right.

  4. Uncle is the best for this Finance Ministerial ship and he will run the best this tasked.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  5. he is the best chice as he has a lot of experice in the field and that in Gilgit-Baltitan.He is honest and trustworthy.

  6. Local PPP tried their best to abstain Mr. M. Shah to be technocrat member of GBLA, but thanks God could not do so.
    As far as Financial ministry is concern, among the newly members of GBLA he is the best candidate for the slot, if decision is on merit

    Wish you God speed Mr. Shah

  7. I think M. Mutabiat Shah is the best possible candidtae for the position of Finance Minister as per his vast profesional experience in financial management. He should be given top priority if decission is based on meritocracy.

  8. Off course Mr. Mutabiat shah is a well dignified and best option for finance minister. His experience counts too much in respect of governance practices. I personally request from all the political parties to appoint him has a finance minister.

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