USAID to build hospitals in Gilgit and Skardu

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Islamabad, May 28: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is going to build a 97 bed hospital in Gilgit, the capital of Gilgit – Baltistan region. The project will be completed by October 2011. Another similar hospital will be built in Skardu later.

These plan were shared by a delegation of the USAID that called on CM Mehdi Shah here in Islamabad. Shah was also told that the hospitals will have their separate power-generation plants to ensure round the clock supply of electricity.

CM Shah expressed gratitude for the American investment in Gilgit – Baltistan and also promised to provide the 80 Kanal land for construction of the hospital.

USAID, which is an independent agency of the government of United States, assured Mehdi Shah that more projects will be launched in the region for improvement of health services.

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  1. One can debate the pros and cons of USAID or why the US wishes to make their presence in GB. What the political point of view is or if China is going to be happy or sad! China trades massively with the USA … we do not get angry or have an opinion on that!!

    To me, I look at it simply … till the Govt of Pakistan does not assist GB to get the basics and till the quality of life of the people of GB is not raised so as to benefit the common man, woman and child … there should be no shame, politics or petty squabbling as to WHO is providing the facility. Anyone making a political issue of it should be asked what solution they have …. talk is cheap and actions are what GB needs.

    If by making these hospitals in GB the common person will benefit .. so be it!! A sick mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter will not ask who built the hospital and why their life was saved!

  2. Dear All,

    First of all why we are making immediate assumption who ud annoy and whom ud be happy. The top man from GB accepted and as Malik highlighted in the last paras-it ud be beneficial for the local Communities. So no debate to discuss just the Local Govt. should arrange the requirement and immediate start the implementation of the Project.

    If the Local people had a facility in their own area and with in their easy reach-no question to ask, whom ud be happy or angry. All these happiness and annoying are the local and national hypothesis and no vale.The local communities are suffering for a better medical facilities from decades and specially after the incident of ATTAABAD, 27,0000 people are badly suffering and a sort of aperiodic slough weekly the people are ding without the medical facilities.

    We welcome for all counties whom with the good intentions comes to help the people of GB. We are peace loving people and we have whole hearted acceptance of pluralism and diversity.

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