Leadership training for LSO representatives


The participants of a 3-day Leadership Training Programme, facilitated by Four World and HiMat Grassroots Foundations in collaboration with KADO at Karimabad, Hunza. The main objective of the session was to involve the representatives of the 3 Gojal based LSOs in developing a comprehensive course of action for the development of the valley.


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One Comment

  1. I am personaly very happy to see such a unique training,organized by KADO with the collebration with different NGO’S.We need to prepare our leaders and youth about the development of our region to face and handel the situation occured becuase of hazerds,politically ,economically and geographically.we should know and justify the aspects and clarification of a problem and as well as know to solve,ruther then to blllllllllllla.
    once again congratulations to all the contestents and facilitators to achieved the traing with facilitated by a well known trainer.this is my humble request that now this is the time to organize and train the community and keep it on,this is not the first and last.

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