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New Friendship Bridge on Karakuram Highway!!

Friendship Bridge

Located at the Khunzhrav river, this is site of a bridge that would connect Shishkat and Gulmit. It is the largest bridge being constructed on KKH in terms  of height from the river level, as well as length. Chinese engineers are working on the bridge as part of the KKH expansion project. [Photo by Farman Karim Baig]

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  1. It should be named Gulmit-Shishkat friendship bridge… it will pave a way to friendship..

  2. it will, be a landmark on the eighth wonder…pak-china friendship zindabad

  3. Dear Tariq , The name for new bridge Gulmit-Shishkat friendship sounds good . ( good thinking)

  4. This new bridge soon become a Unity Center, Unity among the people in the region it’s very important, so hopeful the new generation will encourages thinking outside the box and promotes mobility in the pursuance of educational or professional opportunities i knew some of the new blood done the great job in there feld, so we need to promote understanding among our people and co-operation to sustaining economic growth and creating more and better jobs.
    best wishes 4 all

  5. Dear PT
    the real/official name of the bridge is “The Great Bridge of Gulmit” you can also verify this from the officials of NHA.
    ya its for guarantee, this bridge will boos tup tourism in the area. we can’t ignore the importance of such bridges.

  6. The word “Bridge” means connection, link, conduit, association, join – in physical sense, it symbolizes unity and friendship. The gigantic bridge being built over the Hunza River connecting Gulmit and Shishkat by the Chinese friends, is perhaps again to be called “Friendship Bridge” mainly to signify the exemplary friendship between Pakistan and China.

    However, it would be worthwhile and sensible, if this bridge also symbolizes friendship between any two local communities to create friendship and ensure long lasting unity between them; such as Gulmit and Shishkat villages, in order to eliminate the existing friction and wrangling between these neighborly hamlets, continued for too long now.

    The idea is perfect and wonderful having long –term positive impacts, but much would depend on how the idea is going to be accepted and materialized mutually by both the communities. One would pray and hope that better and logical sense prevails in the interest of both the villages.

    I think a series of interaction and dialogue would need to be initiated and orchestrated by saner elements on both sides in the next few months or so followed by concrete steps and serious actions.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

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