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Gathering in Karachi demands additional seat for Hunza, plans rally in front of Mazar-e-Quaid

Karachi, September 06: A gathering of social activists, scholars, politicians and residents of Hunza valley condemned Kahsmiri claim over the land of Gilgit – Baltistan. Speakers termed it an effort to colonize the region, in the postcolonial scenario.

The issue of obtaining additional seat for Hunza valley in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly was also discussed and it was decided that a rally and press conference would soon be organized in front of Mazar-e-Qauid, in this regard. 

Prominent among the speakers were Kamil Jan, a candidate for the upcoming election, Hakim Ali Khan, Nasir Karim, Babar Khan, Abbas Ali and Hadi, among others. A large number of youth also participated in the gathering. SOURCE

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  1. Well don …….I request to all the politicians, representative and youth from Hunza who are living in Giglit, they must organise this sort of gathering in Gilgit for the demand of additional seat for Hunza.

    Ali Asghar

  2. Seems Good and Sounds Good !!!!!! But the saddle and reign is still in Islamabad. It is historical Fact that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan were deprived from the last approxi. sixty years. The rulers still not realise what is Human right and why the International community are deep sleep is really a big question for the educated people of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    The new generation of people 1.8 million and the 20,000 youth scattered in different cities of the country are once again astonish with the question, are we Pakistani? The people of our offices are asking what is the actual Govt. in Gilgit-Baltistan. Is the govt setup is according to China, India or EX-USSR. What the Govt. mean of establishing Courts, financial and other Govt. departments in Gilgit-Baltistan. My simple reply to them and all you people is, it is a BERYANEE with SHAAN MASAALA, every burucrate, technocrate and every individual wants to taste in life because of its CHAAT PATTI. Start from Alam Khan to Ruidad Khan, KITRAN to KARAA. what a combination from the last sixty years. SLEEP PEOPLE OF GILGIT-BALTISTAN Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our political leaders are very attractive in picx because of their fare complexion so they are specially called in photo sessions to give the impression for the International Community that White Skin People are also living in Pakistan. Does the commom individuals of Gilgit -Baltistan have any awareness about the pakage announced by the PPP Govt. with a lot of political refrences, no doubt most of the reforms came during the PPP Govt. BUT SORRY TO SAY!!!!
    This empowerment is not for the people of GB, but for the International Loan required for the Projects of the PPP GOVT.
    this clearly shows that Islamabad or the Govt didn’t have any interest with the people. The govt just interested in water resources of GB. The benifit once not relate with the native people it is only a chance to capeture on the bridiging on the land bridiging corridors to Central Asia, China and India.
    A lot to say— but without any conclusions, sixty years can’t be packed in a page of one or two, so I think it is useless discussions.

  3. Excellent jOb indeed!!!
    it makes me feel good to inform everybody that a same demonstration is going on here in hunza… people frm all walks of llife… students, teachers areparticipating in this procession..

    lets hope for the best..

    inshallah we gonna have our own identity


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