[Advocacy] No Rights – No Dams

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  1. No Rights – No Dams
  2. No Citizenship – No Taxes
  3. No Constitution – No Patriotism

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  1. The people of Gilgit/Baltistan region showed their greater concern over Diamer-Basha dam in diamer district of Gilgit/Baltistan. If Govt of Pakistan really wants to build Diamer Basha dam then Govt should take it seriously. Majority of this district will be homeless due to direct effect of the dam. At first govt should provide alternate residential areas to the effectees of that area, pay their royalty, civil rights, employment quota to the people of diamer district and Gilgit/Baltistan. Other wise it is worthless. Some of our Pakistani politicians pointed out that Gilgit/Baltistan is disputed territory then why Pakistani Govt is much interested to build diamer Basha dam for their own interest. Already Gilgit/Baltistan region is facing shortage of electricity but there are much resources to generate electricity through hydro power generation. Politician should note down if they built the dam forcefully without taking any opinion from the people of Gilgit/Baltistan then our people will never let them to do so.

    Here is another issue that is imposition of tax in Gilgit/Baltistan. Our area is not to much rich. There is no any industry, textile, etc. The only source of our region is tourism but it is now inactive. means it is equal to ZERO. How they can impose taxes?? If Govt is too much eager to impose the taxes then they must impose the taxes in SWAT AREAS first. They are totally exempted. Even they are much developed area and have many facilities as compare to Gilgit/Baltistan. They have their provincial funds……

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