A tribute to the boat operators at Attabad lake on May Day

A boat operator at the Attabad lake barrier. Image: Nur for Pamir Times

On May 01, as the world celebrates Labor Day, Pamir Times would like to pay rich tributes to the hardworking boat operators helping stranded commuters to move across the lake in Hunza Valley.

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  1. indeed they are doing the most noble and valuable service. May Allah give them its Reward.

  2. These boat operators are soldiers of Pakistan Army’s Engineer Corps and FWO. They have a historic affiliation with the northern areas. The Silk Route is an evidence of their sacrifices in thousands. Travelers of Silk Route can witness the monuments built in the memories of those who laid their lives while making and maintaining KKH. No amount of words can express the hard work of FWO and Army Engineer Corps especially in northern areas.

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