Kaira promises two seats for Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, 16 September: The interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, Qamar Zaman Kaira, has promised that the demand of Hunza valley for additional seat will temporarily be compensated by appointing two more people from the region to the assembly, one each on special (reserved) seat for women and technocrates.

He was talking to representatives of the Hunza chapter of Pakistan Peoples Party.

He also said that the demand of Hunza for additional constituency is legitimate and would be resolved after the elections. This, he said, would help avoiding delays in the election. He promised that work on new constituency would start soon after the November elections, this year. 

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  1. It,s just a traditional tact of fake assurances, for which they are not looking eager to allocate the additional seat for Hunza which is the core right of the people of Hunza. It,s our responsibility that we must speak up our voices for our fundamental right @ each level / platform.

  2. its a good step for the political area of hunza and hope full news for the special political seat for ladies . may be the people of hunza will b select the eligibal lady for this seat inshallah we have much talent and political potencial in ladies of hunza.and thanks the governer of north that he consider our demand of seats and much thank full him if he fullfil his promise .

  3. I think it is just traditional Pakistani approach. after election seats will never come. need not to believe it.

  4. Well, its i think just fake to promise at this stage that an additional seat for Hunza will be given after election.Our leaders are persuaded through these kind of fake promises to participate in the upcoming election. I think the decision taken by Hunza Action Committee was right to not participate in the upcoming election, then why our leaders are persuaded through these kind of fake promises, they will have to strongly stand on their decisions they have taken.

  5. Dear bros, we’re still believing those who had alwaya been cheating us, they did da same wid our forfathers, and betrayd them. Telling a lie and making fake promises is klaira’s favourite ploy. He knows these people r never going to raise against da occupiers, but he’s wrong this time. If he’d made a promise then he has to fulfill it, therwise, he should know da upshot of Ghansara Singh as kaira is Ghansara’s successor.

  6. Our leaders should stand together firmly saying “now or never” .After elections additional seat doesn’t mean anything for the people of Hunza. We believe that the above statement is just a fake statement just to divert the attentions of the people from their main cause.

  7. Promise, promis promis… sick of the promises of these nonsense politicians. I still remember the words of Mr. Mir Baz Kethran the former Minister for NA and Kashmir Affiar while visiting Gulmit a decade back. While announcing a girls high school for Gojal area he announced, “Agar aap mangte bhi nahi to ham dedete, me Gulmit me girls high school ke qayam ka elan karta hoon, yahan girls school banegi awr zaroor bane gi.” Following the same tradition, one of the former education minister (now Labor and Manpower), Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Shah’s written statement about upgrading the same girls school to high school level was presented in public during a community gathering in Gulmit. Nothing happen. Absolutely nothing. The same school is now in the process of bureaucratic PC s I don’t know if has been upgraded or still waiting for another promise.

    Now another minister of the same row is promising to remain powerless…… Kaira Sab, mizaq ki bhi to had hoti he…..panje katwake tu shikar keyse karega…

  8. Hunza’s struggle must be continued and concrete assurance must be assured by Govt. Who they will appoint on technocrats and women seat? again;;;;;

  9. The best decision will come from the action committee-lets wait when the decision will come. I do hope it will not like the plan of SDP new management as we are waiting from the last two years. as, the writter has written-the Honourable Self Selected Governor Mr. KARA, said it is the legtimate right of the People of Hunza, then what are the reasons to announce the seat before election.
    If the Govt machinery and specially the political leadership didn’t respect the voice of the people that is very clear that PPP don,t believe in democracy and nither respect the vision and thoughts of the people.
    At last now the actual decision lies with the political leadership of Hunza. I am very sure the leadership didn’t have the capacity to be above their own benifts and personal gains. May be I am wrong- if it is like that correct me!!!. The political leadership of GB are not that much major to plea properly the Rights as promised the then leadership of Pakistan-I don’t see any glimpes that convence me that the GB leadership will persuade the present PPP Govt to give the Human Right to GB.
    till date How many drafs or memorandam of any furom from GB has given to the International community—NEVER READ OR SAW.
    Dop we believe on promise of Mr.KARA or not?????????
    It is a lime light clear-Not a single promise hs fullfilled from the last 50 to 60 years by the political leadership, civil burucracy how we believe on Mr. Kara!!
    We have to not participate in the election, if the Govt. didn’t own and respect our voice. we don’t want imported personalities we want democracy in its actual sence & definitions.

  10. PPP Leadership always honour their committments. Examples are written agreement with PMLN regarding COD, 17th ammendments, and many more. So they will …….. their committments with GB people. M i right?

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