Free board of Hunza Lake inching towards zero

Entry of water in the narrow spillway might lead to collapse of the sides, leading to temporary blockades that increase the duration of spillover. Photo courtesy: FOCUS Pakistan

PT Report

Gilgit, May 29: Water rise level in the Hunza Lake was reportedly 1-inch per hour during last night. The free board has come down to 8 inches, according to informed sources. At the present rate water may start gradually spilling over by 2 O’clock today.

According to experts the gradual spillover may continue for hours and a flood-like wave might be released after the water has deeply eroded the lake barrier.

Traffic on the KKH remains suspended and around 17,000 people spent another night in tents in Gilgit, Hunza – Nagar and Diamir districts.

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  1. Is this the spacious spillway dug by the renowned and featured laborer of FWO Pakistan??? Amazing!!!!!

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