International envoys visit affected parts of Hunza, Gojal


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Gulmit, June 23: Ambassadors of Norway, Australia, representative of European Union and head of a Canadian development agency visited the disaster hits parts of Gojal Valley today to assess the ground situation. They were accompanied by President Iqbal Walji of the Ismaili National Council, NDMA chairman, DEO FOCUS Pakistan, and home secretary Gilgit – Baltistan.

The visitors were briefed by the local people about the ground situation at a local hotel that has partially been caused to submerge in the landslide lake.

The Norwegian envoy, representing the group of visitors, said that their governments would extend help for rehabilitation of the displaced people. He also said that the local people are facing difficulties that need to be resolved on priority basis.

The envoys later left  for visiting IDP camps in the downstream villages.

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  1. After Hough lose of all kinds of property of Lower Gojal. The Local Administration
    And local Government has finally allowed High ranking personals to visit the
    Disaster area. Before then Even they did not submit the reality report to
    The prime minister of Pakistan.
    What was in the news Hunza Nagar even A single Inch or a single Rs of property
    Was not in danger.
    I am supervise about Home secretary Of GB How he visited the area last week in His press conference in his remarks he says Gojalies are the Agent of the enemy of pakistan.

  2. Good to see National Council president along with other dignitaries visiting the area to see the situation on ground. We pray and hope this visit acts as a catalyst to initiate the much needed relief effort by harnessing the local volunteers and the learned members of the Gojal/Hunza Affectees Action Committee . These are the people who are truly loyal to the cause and the country and will provide the true feed back on the ground requirements. The Council should exert itself in bringing the Govt agencies, Ismaili Institutions and the the social activists from the area together to work for one cause. Keeping the civil society at bay will be disastrous and will not provide the much needed social acceptance to the effort.
    Pakistan Zindabad – Hunza Gojal Paindabad.

  3. FOCUS thank you for inviting the Hon. Ambassadors of European Countries.

    What should be planned in rehabilitation phase is how to make the local communities resilient to natural disasters. We want sustainable communities who have pride in their villages

  4. why was this guy, named “Bilal Lodhi” who called us “agents of the enemies of Pakitan” allowed to step on our soil????

  5. Great effort by FOCUS and AKDN.But it is too late to have a trip to Gojal.Still life and property at risk. We were expecting much then you are doing because we have seen other stake holders with false assurances. Unless the route cause the Blockage at spill way is not widened, the first step, how we can talk about rehabilitation? Where to shift is it possible for the people affected? Many questions, what will be the fate of KKH, the main artery of progress between Pakistan and China. The risks associated with the lake for downstream population.Thaks to the Ambessedors for their kind visit hope they will understand the plight ofthe local masses and address them generousely.
    Saleem Khan

  6. we apprecite the worke of council but it is too late …now looking forward that they will expidite the process of rehabilition and cpmpensation , so we can come back on the smooth way …we hope civil society play thier role to rehabilitate the victims of Attabad anfd Gojal with proper plaining …
    the deligation from Attabad and Gojal meet with Habib Peer Mohd voice President of Council to intiamte the current situation of attabad and gojal victims we hope that theyu will improve in their planing and solve the problems of jamat in this respective areas,
    now this time that the peopel of hunza must rise to get their trights from Gov’t ,

  7. No offense please, but I must say that the council did not play its due role in this state of urgency and hardness… I have failed to understand the reasons for their ineffectiveness and passivity. I agree that the state is the one responsible for ensuring the citizenship right but if they don’t and there is no hope that they will, shouldn’t the council play its role or are we not supposed to expect anything from them because they are the ‘third party’?

  8. I have no hope as the implementing agency will always be led by these corrupt bureaucrats like Bilal Lodhi and his kind, who do not even know how to respect people.

    These guys are working on an agenda that is to maintain this blockage for as long as possible because they are assisting in keeping China out of reach as their masters do not want Pakistan and China come closer and implement the civil nuclear power deals and the trade activities through this most important artery, The KKH.

    They call us the agents of enemies of Pakistan while in reality they are the agents of enemies of Pakistan. What is the reason for declaring the patriot and peaceful citizen of Gojal as anti state? It needs clarification from the government and it is a point that we all have to think and analyze what do they want to establish by leveling such serious allegations and what they want to achieve from this.

    I hope our youth will give this a serious thought.

  9. Thanks for the efforts of the National Council of Pakistan and FOCUS humanitarian.
    We further appreciate and thank FOCUS and Pakistan Red Crescent Society for standing with our people and for our people. Please, keep this spirit up with the same motivation.
    Excellent contribution. God bless you (Ameen).


  11. By reading comments and articles in Pamir Times it appears to me that there has not been a timely and efficient response to the calamity. In my opinion it does not matter if its Pakistan government, National Council or GBLA; no one has alleviated the immediate and after effects of the disaster. The harsh reality is, unless local people of great Gilgit-Baltistan obtain full control of political and economical affairs we will always be reliant on the mercy of outside aid. We must learn lessons from this natural and humanitarian disaster and prepare ourselves for future.

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