‘Salam Teacher’ Award for Sir Muhammad Rehber of Gojal

 Muhammad Rehbar

by Asghar Khan 

Gilgit, February 15 :      Mohtaram Ustad Muhammad Rehber, of Gulmit Gojal, was awarded the “Salam Teacher Award” in Islamabad by the caretaker Prime Minister,  Muhammad Mian Soomro and Education Minister, Shamsh Kasam Lakha. The event took place on 11th of February, 2008.

Ustad Muhamamd Rehber is Head Master of Federal Government Girls High School, Gulmit.  He has been associated with teaching for the past two and half decades. Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching and many are serving at distinguished positions in national and international organizations.

Ustad Rehbar is an iconic cultural activist and great social worker. He has played a very important role in creation and growth of Al – Amyn Model School, a community based initiative and Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association (WTCA).

His contributions to development of our society are numerous. We salute his efforts for creating an educated, culturaly inspired and progressive society in Gojal Valley.

We congratualte Ustad Rehbar and his family on this unprecedented achievement. We appreciate the decision of government of Pakistan to give this award to a great teacher who truly deserved it. 

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  1. I cordialy congratulate Ustad Muhtharum and his family for this award. He is not only a dedicated teacher but also an all time role model volunteer.

    May Moula give his choicest blessings as reward to his family.

  2. Congratulations Dear Ustad….

    Let me quote a stanza from your own poetry….

    “Ay Rahbar tu bhi khidmat kar le apne qawm ka
    Talibilmoo to duwaye owr Ustadoon ko salam”

    I must say SALAM to each and every teacher who enabled us to be what we are today…..

  3. Well deserved.

    some of us may disagree with his political opinions, and other may challenge him as professionally trained teacher in the modern methodologies of teaching-learning.

    However I found him unique among my teachers. ‘Teachers are leaders’ as was said by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, Imam of Shia Imami Muslims. Ustad Rehaber has provided this catalystic leadership role in all spheres of society in his cultural and geographic context. He pioneered arts, dramatics, scouting, music, folk songs and traditional dances, as co-curricular activities togather with other respected teachers in Gulmit Gojal Hunza. He promoted the concept of community library in the village and organized other teachers and social workers to create a culture of learning and reading. He is very found of exhibitions and has a unique collection of photographs, press clippings ranging from the creation of Pakistan on august 14, 1947 to dismantling of the Hunza state to hanging of Bhutto to the visit of Ayub Khan to Hunza etc.

    He is truely a role model for those who promote the idea of holistic education and plan to choose teaching as a career.

    Salam Ustad, Saad Salam!

    Amin Beg

  4. When I was a student of class 5.. studying at the F.G. Boys High School, Gulmit, I had the honor of going on a picnic to Khunjerab with Sir Rehbar, along with rest of the teachers and students. I clearly remember the “Nazam” that Sir Rehbar had written and was popular among us, the students. I would like to quote some verses… remembering them vividly after a decade + more……

    Waadi – e- Hunza Teri Jannat Nazarun Ko Salam
    Geet Gaatay Aabsharun, Sabza Zarun Ko Salam

    Pir Shams, Baba-e-Ghundi aur yeah Buzurgaan-e-Din
    Teray Daaman may Buzurgun K mazarun ko Salam

    Pak-China Dosti ka pull hay teri arz per
    Pak China Dosti k Yaadgarun ko Salam

    Aey Rehbar, tou bhi khidmat kar lay apnay des ka
    Talib-Ilmun ko dua, Qaumi Maemarun ko Salam

    The sound of us singing in the van… the entire scenery.. is printed in my mind… This poem of Sir Rehbar gave me my first brush with “patriotism”… of some sort


    Noor Muhammad

  5. I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Mr.Rehber and members of his family for getting the national decoration the ‘Salam Teacher Award’.
    It is indeed a great honor for him, as well as for the entire teaching community of the region to have this prestigious award. His contribution in the over all educational development of the community is laudable.
    It is not at all necessary to be formally trained in modern pedagogy,to be an excellent teacher; rather it is the will, the commitment and dedication to the cause of education and community service which make educational leaders like Mr. Rehber. SALAM TEACHER!!!!

    Iqbal Barcha,
    AKU-IED, Karachi

  6. Congratulation ustad mohtaram,

    You are among those pillars of our society upon whose efforts the current educational infrastructre has been built.There are also many volunteers who had devoted their time,efforts and even their lives to the educational sector in gojal.
    My warmest SALAM to them also.

    Gohar Ravian

  7. I would like to convay my warmest congratulations to Mr, Rahbar & his family members for his great achivement in field of teaching and service for the community and for whole soceity in general.

    Rahmat Karim,

  8. Warmest congratulations to Ustod Rahber. He truly and fully deserves this award for his tireless efforts and unflinching commitments and dedication.

  9. Dear Rehber Bhai, Congratulations. I salute you for your achievements. It is an amazing pride and ownership for all of us and for our school in Gulmit, where we spent many years together as one staff. So excellent and keep up your positive way of influencing peoples’ lives. You are great.

  10. i would like to thank all of you ,on behalf of my father , who have expressed their best wishes on this moment.this shows we have great respect n love for our teachers in our society.

    i would also like to thank the PAMIRTIMES TEAM for giving him honour.
    SALAM to all the teachers of Gojal.

  11. My Heartiest Congratulations to Ustaad Muhammad Rehbber on getting the Precious Award of “SALAM USTAAD”

    There should be a record of data of his students who are working for various institutions/organizations on national and International level today.

  12. Usdaad Rehbar,
    You are truly a Rehbar,

    My heartiest congratulations on this national award for what you have done for the cause of education and awareness in the remotest northern areas of Pakistan.

    I have the honor to be associated with this great man during my early education. I have always enjoyed to be in his class or in what ever activity he has always led from the front. His way of teaching was so unique because teaching is in his genes being nephew of one of the great missionary teachers…Ustad Sultan Ali (Samarqand) may mowla bless his soul with peace… Amen.

    Ustad Rehbar, I salute you and congratulate you and your whole family and i thank Government of Pakistan for recognition of this jewel.

    We are all proud of you.

  13. Dear Ustad Rehber Sheeb,

    I would like to say my best congratulation from my deepest of my heart to you,


    Jumagul Sazgar
    Wakhan, Afghanistan

  14. Muhthram Ustad…. Congratulations to you and your family for this national recongnetion. Indeed you and your long service not only in the field of education, but for the entire development have inspired many of students. I am proud that you remained my teachers throughout my schooling and inspired me even today. This achievement also reflects of the dedication and hardworking of an individual for the development of the society and provides an opportunity for all of us to follow.
    Once Again Salam my dear teacher and congratulations to you and your family

  15. Sometimes you know people a long time, and they don’t create much of an impression. Others you work with, and over a matter of months you can tell that they have prominence. What can one say about Uncle Rehber, caring, committed, creative, supportive, thoughtful, respectful, helpful, the list is endless.

    I’ve not had the opportunity to learn from him in a formal school setting but I’ve known much of his reputation. There are not many people in Gojal who have not heard of Uncle Rehber. Not only is he a great teacher but as somebody has rightly mentioned ‘is also a pillar of the Community’. Uncle is the type of person that people of all ages look up to. His enthusiasm for life is infectious. He always has the best interests of the school and the community at heart. His achievements deserved to be recognized nationally.

    Congratulation and bravo on this fantastic achievement!

  16. this achievement is really fantastic not only for sir rahbar but for all of us. i convey my heartiest congratulation to sir rahber and our all respected teachers who are contributing alot in making us what we are today.
    salam to all respected teachers

  17. it realy pleasure to hear that our great teacher has achieved the Salam Teacher award . Deepest congratlations to u nd ur family sir. Indeed u did a alot for the betterment of people of the area in all way we r expecting more from u in future

  18. Heartiest congrates!!!
    Sir Rehber and family

    The decision of Govt. of Pakistan is appreciatable for this award I believe, is expression of love and honor from all his students to him. It also reflects his dedication and service for the development of society as awhole.
    I salute you and feel proud to be one of your students.
    Congrates once more.

  19. Dear Rehber,

    A great honour not only for Mr. Rehber but for all of us. I know, he truely deseved this award/ reward.

    Exceptional individuals with absolutly normal behaviour and engergy contributes extra ordinary to the society. I appriciate those who had the realization and understanding of the indicators to identify one of the exceptional mentors from the mountain society for this award.
    I am certain that such appriciation in institutions will help to mobilize/ attract more and more individulas to contribute their best to the society which is highly desireable.


  20. It is really a moment of great happiness for all of us as a very dignified teacher,and teacher of teachers,has been awarded for his remarkable and spendid performance.
    I would like to share a very interesing segment of my life that is vey much related to the teaching profession.A few days back I got a chance to visit the southern Punjab(Narawal district) as had some days off from the university because of the election activities.
    I observed many things very critically and the most noticable thing was the education system.You won’t believe as to what extend the field of education is suffering.The place which should be wholly and solely for the recruitment and promotion of students for better education is more evident and exposed for cattles to spend a life full of comfort and easiness.
    The so called teachers offer their five times prayers infront of the school building not bothering about their duties and responsibilites and thus try to show their faithfulness to God as a very honest and loyal followers.
    I personally paid a visit to them and went to some girls schools of the jurisdiction and was so desperate after having a thorough deliberation with the so called teachers.The vision they have depict a picture fully distorted and ambigous.At that very moment I was just comparing the girls schools of our jurisdiction and specifically the school headed by Sir Rehbar to these schools and was not knowing about the fact that the really deserving teacher has been awarded for his services.
    I would like to mention here that the place where we have nurtuted and grownup has been bestowed with such honourable and devoted people who despite the various constraints and hurdles have contributed to the area and have given us the courage and dare to call ourselves as the son of Hunza.
    I would like to congretulate the very dinified and reputed teacher Ustad Rehber for the award and i must say that he really deserves that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It gives us immense pleaseure to know that Ustad Muhtharum has been awared with Salam Ustad award by the Government of Pakistan. I congratulate Ustad Muhtharum and his family for this award.

  22. i would like to congratulate ustad rehber for his brillant deed and the excellent award. i would like to thank him on behalf o all the girls students who are studying in the school and who has graduated from there,it is really something u deserve.
    i would also like to congratulate nisar from NCA lahore that as he was selected in the team of the UN observers during the election. it is really a big honour for us that such students represent our area in a positive manner. Media is a new and immerging feild and though this medium we can do alot for our area so keep it up nisar!

  23. The highest award for a teacher is the respect nad love he/she gets from his/her society, in general, and students, in particular, by virtue of his/her service and professional honesty and dignity– a culture and norm fast deminishing from our society. The same respect and love for Ustad Rehbar is evident from the messasges of feliticitations by a large number of ex-students posted on this web page.

    Farman Ali

  24. i really congratulate ustad rehber for getting this reward and this achivement is not only for sir rehber but for all of us

  25. Salam to all our Ustads,

    salam from the core of our hearts.we all know that the only ingredent of change in our society are our beloved teachers.our great teachers transformed our society of 1960s to modern society of knowledge where we are today.

    on many occassions we felt the sacrifice our great teachers extended towords our soicety just to educate the future the same enthusasim is required and a litte sacrifice for those whom getting quality educaton and the are request to extend some of your time and your quality education for the minds of 2050s so that our coming generation could also salute our services as we are doing today.

    our schools in all over Hunza are in desperate need of quality teachers so all of you getting variety education are request to pay attention to our education sector , because we all have observed the services of our teachers , how the transformed the mud in to Gold.

    Ali Sarwar
    M.A(Economics )
    University of Karachi

  26. AuGUST siR…


    congratulations to u for ur superb acievement in the field of education..You respected are a role model for have provided us a way to move more speedily toward a targets..


  27. Indeed it was a great moment for all of us for having this award.
    My beloved father is serving the community since last three decades. The support you extended to my father is really appreciated. And also we deeply touched with your kind comment for my father for having this award. Once again thanks to all of you.
    Samina Sajjad.

  28. Indeed it was a great moment for all of us for having this award.
    My beloved father is serving the community since last three decades. The support you extended to my father is really appreciated. And also we deeply touched with your kind comment for my father for having this award. Once again thanks to all of you.
    Samina Sajjad.
    Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

  29. as Allama Iqbal says,,,

    Khuda kay bandy tou hain hazarun bannu may phirtay hain maray maray
    may us ka banda banu ga jis ko Khuda kay bandu say piyar ho ga,

    a character who serves the community without self exposure, for years,,,,,nd he deserves more than that…i salute you, and m proud to be your students,

    malang jon
    from darbar sayien baba

  30. respected sir
    as i m not ur student but ur achievement is worthmentioning for all students .i congratulate u for the the honour you have achieved for ur great services.
    may maula bless u ahead

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