Government orders evacuation of "commercial area" near Attabad spillway

Hunza, July 15: The District Administration of Hunza-Nagar has ordered the hotel owners and transporters to immediately evacuate an area at the Southern end of spillway of the dammed Hunza River, towards Aliabad. According to initial reports the area has been declared vulnerable to landslide.

There are also reports that some cracks have been observed above the KKH, on opposite side of Attabad Village.

According to observers a landslide in the specific area may not have any major impact on spillway of the dammed Hunza River, but it has the potential to cause severe damage to life and property. The evacuation has been ordered as a precaution.

Reports by some TV channels have sensationalized the news and misreported it, creating anxiety and fear in upstream and downstream areas.

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  1. Mula Bless Gojalis… we are indeed in deep trouble. its the time do planning b4 any thing happen again.. we need to learn from the last disaster and to get prepare from today.

  2. FOCUS should send their geologist to study the cracks in mountain and also advice the local government and the population. They had done excellent work last year during Attabad crisis and flood.

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