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ISLAMABAD, January 24: Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, the former deputy chief executive of Northern Areas Council, has been appointed the second governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

According to information the decision was made by president Zardari today, after comprehensive consultations with a range of political and social leaders.

Pir Karam Ali Shah is a religious figure belonging to Chatorkhand Village of Ishkoman Valley, District Ghizer. The Pir has an illustrious political career spanning over three decades. He has won almost all elections in his constituency since the introduction of political reforms in the Gilgit – Baltistan region, formerly known with the official name of “Northern Areas of Pakistan”.

While a large segment of the society respects Karam Ali Shah as a veteran politico-religious and social leader, the younger and educated generation of the area have reservations about his style of leadership. Many accuse him of failing to take majority of the population of his region out of abysmal poverty despite of being at the helm of power for decades.

He won the last election after a nail-biting competition with supreme leader of Balawaristan National Front, Nawaz Khan Naji. The BNF accused PPP of rigging the election on gun point. A youth was also killed during the post-election riot in Sher Qillah Village of Punial Tehsil.

Although highly unpopular among the educated segments of his constituency, specially the youth, Pir Karam Ali Shah is a trusted friend of several PPP leaders, including PM Yousuf Raza Gilani and Syed Khursheed Shah.

Pir Karam Ali Shah is expected to take oath of the office within one or two days. Justice Abbasi, Chief Justice of GB Supreme Appellate Court, has reached Islamabad for this purpose, according to sources.

The seat of governor had fallen vacant after the death of Dr. Shama Khalid. Speaker of the GBLA, Wazir Baig, had been performing as interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. Wow, what a decission by a illiterate CM of Gilgit-Baltistan- What is difference for taking Karam Shah as governor- what are his attributes, amazing – This CM doesn,t want any body who is able to do someting for GB rather he prefares to have a weak team comprising of Jaffar, Madad Sher and all- Just blank names in PPP

  2. He took two of the Watan cards sent for the victims of flooding in Da’in and Chatorkhand, and later demanded a Rs 300 Million compensation from the CM (or was it PM) for Himself because he had lost land worth that much.
    He indeed is a loyal PPP Leader.

  3. Congrats to Pir Sahib. This is the reward of his services and unwavering affiliation with PPP. He truly deserve it being the senior most member of party in GB. This is all about politics and is a part of demacracy.

    1. @ Beg Mirza

      Quoting Mr. Beg; “This is the reward of his services and unwavering affiliation with PPP”

      Since you have praised his “services” to the PPP, kindly, would you take this opportunity to list down his services to the people between Sher Qilla and Kurumber in exchange for their unwavering affiliation to the Pir?
      List them down, and weigh them up against the years he has governed them, and reflect.

      Thank You

    1. 100 % agreed about your comments, he is only sincere with the party not the public. With respect to his family background. I would suggest him to sit home rather than occupying a political position, because we need visionary person in the seat, not the party loyal, we need a person loyal with the area. Because vision comes through education and exposure, both are not far away from Pir Sahib.
      May God save us.

  4. Well, hue and cry is out of place now as Pir Karam is about to take his oath as governor GB. Howsoever dislike one can show on this appointment but the fact is that Pir Saheb is a senior leader of PPP and Zardari is king maker and he has picked up Pir Saheb as his representative and constitutional (although GB is not a province constitutionally!)head of GB so lamenting on his decision will not work!
    As for as Pir Saheb’s capabilities are concerned, he is as capable as any other capable person of his age from GB. He has remained unbeatable in his constituency and also served as deputy chief executive so he know the ups and downs of power politics. He has good relations with high up in Islamabad as well as respect within GB, so these attributes made him and will make him acceptable as governor.
    Pir Saheb’s MLA seat is vacant now after his appointment as governor and there will be elections within due course of time. Those who think (may or may not they think right) that Pir Saheb has lost his popularity, they should try to prove this in election by defeating his candidate. If they are not able to defeat his candidate again, they should stop opposing Pir Saheb.
    Pir Saheb has got a good job, now he should return watan card back to the government so that it will be given to any other deserving (who knows may not be deserving) person.

  5. A welcome decision by the government, nonetheless. He has been there in the political scene of the region as a powerful candidate.

    The questions raised about what he has done for the people of GB is in fact debatable. What have others done for Gilgit Baltistan is the answer to these questions.

    We all know the past political play field was a different one and this time around the situation has changed a little. Let’s hope for the best and team up with these representatives and help them by providing concrete ideas supported with research based on facts and figures so that they are able to do something good for the people.

    This also applies to every one representing us in various roles of leadership. If we do not stand with them and guide them in what should they do for us and how, it would be of great help. If he/she fails to do anything, let’s do it in a civilized and democratic way by not voting for him/her next time.

    I hope this way we can cleanse our political environment, which seems to be drifting towards extremism and intolerance. Gilgit Baltistan is a relatively well educated population as compared to the other parts of Pakistan.

    Let’s take politics positively, otherwise the gap will broaden between the masses and the politicians as has been in the national politics of Pakistan.

  6. interesting development. well, something is better then nothing, enjoy the seat and best of luck with office!

  7. Congergulate to pir Karam Ali Shah for becoming the Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, i congergulate to mr Beg for his dedicated service for Gojal of destroying more than 300 households.

  8. Well Dear and sweet GB people
    We are Muslims and GB people with no voice at all so stop and accept another PIR , or MIR this is our future and we have to say that well , who will then if not him?

    who is Gilanis brother , Zardaris friend , so
    just congrats him he the best possible man , the PIR , we always have two choice MIR or PIR name it and that is all, so this is PIR time soon will be the MIR time when dear Nawaz comes to power…….
    GB, should be name as it original name PIRistan or MIRistan, what GB … It sounds good to our Mantel and physical capabilities and best choice
    GIa Mir

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