[Don’t laugh please] Chicken Murghi:-p

Somewhere along the KKH. Image: Nur

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  1. one must be thaaat efficient,,,to advertise..andaz apna ..nevertheless hw advaced r d chikens?? in having cell numbers..good shot nurrr

    1. The Murghee that is supplied there are not chicken murghee, thay are beef murghee, weighing from 3kg upto 10 kg.

      Chicken which is not sold elsewhere are taken to Gilgit-Baltistan and people are happily buying those artificially fed chicken with steroid and many more harmful contents in their feed.

      We needs start a campaign against use of those WWE model heavy weight chicken.

      I think our delicious potato is better then this murghee (Bhains) meat.

  2. haha i was the first person to notice this in ALIABAD hunza three years back in 2007..

  3. The educated people make big mistakes, this seems an illiterate and may be it is his way of advertisement, why to make fun of it?

  4. For me it’s all about our poor social philosophy.
    We need to think about the whole social circumstances that expose our such weaknesses which make fun out of our survival fight??
    Frankly speaking, it doesn’t make me laugh rather it hurts me from core of my heart over the issues that lie ahead of us to be addressed.

    Esoterically, it is because of lacking:

    1. Education (not of transmission but of transformation).
    2. Lack of awareness (environmental, economical, social etc).
    3. Lack of opportunities.

    It reflects our to-date social behaviour of meterialism without knowing the dignity of resources as well as ourselves. Alas! it is exremely sad to represent a region in this way which is so rich, so bio-diverse, so fragile and rare in the world of today. It shows that we are far behind (collectively) to present our precious region in an impressive way.

    In my ‘Utopia’, basic consciousness is at priority. I am no way in a position to criticise this poultry shop owner but I do criticise the whole social behaviour of our society at large.

  5. Agreed with YAR KHAN.

    Why to make a fun of this poor man……no reason to laugh

  6. i agree with Yar Khan. i have seen it some where on KKH, i think in Dassu. anyway, good observation.

  7. I agree with yar khan. Pidgin language is becoming widespread with the dominance of market norms. this poor owner of chicken shop is just a part of the overall underlying patterns influencing our behavior.
    Mr Abdul Waheed it is not Dassu it is in Zulfiqarabad, which is the heart of Hunzukuch living in gilgit. Most probably the owner is also Hunzukuch. Please do not exile our shortcomings to other people.

  8. Its Ali Abad and the shop is just in front of Jublee Hotel.It shows that the educated people are just to make fun of those who are not well educated.T eduacted people not helping the

  9. ذرا سی بات تھی اندِشہ عجب نے اسے … بڑھا دیا ہے فقط زیب داستان کے لیے

    {The couplet above has been written with a minor alteration}

    Getting diverse opinions on anything posted on Pamir Times is a manifestation of the fact that a critical conscience is actively present in our society.

    Just taking the discussion forward, I would say that this writing on the wall, not in a metaphoric sense, has different dimensions. Some will laugh, others would not notice, others will try to explore the reasons that led to this ‘erroneous’ advertisement and some, wise owls, would take it as a conspiracy to malign a region.

    Everyone has the right to his opinion and we must appreciate their right to opine.

    For me posting this news online has resulted in unexpected publicity for this otherwise mundane poultry shop.

    What he can do is that he can write “chicken” in Roman script, instead of Arabic and it would become a very powerful advertisement understandable to both “Westerners” and those who can understand Urdu.

    I think unconsciously the shop owner may have tried to make the advertisement bilingual by mentioning the term “chicken” along with its Urdu term!

    Objective of posting this photograph was not, never, to ridicule “uneducated people”, because I know about philosophers who don’t understand a word of English and Englishmen who are not lettered.

    Those who distinguish the ‘educated’ from the ‘uneducated’ based on their presumed skills in English language need to look deeper into themselves to find the fault lines.


  10. yar noor

    ya ali abad hunza ma hai .jublee hotel k samna .muja yad hai .l

  11. It’s true that having skills in a particular language does’nt (and shouldn’t) justify someone to be educated but unfortunately, in our society, this stereotype attitude persists due to many reasons (colonial influence, Pakistani elites who were bred and brought up (by their lords) to govern the ‘left overs’ and third the tech-influence…)??

    My concern is not the script he used in his advert nor the pidgin either. I am sure he did his best to make people know of his shop.
    My real concern is ‘why are we so poor in presentaion’?? because we lack ‘DISCIPLINE’. When a society is not disciplined (socially, economically, politically) it fails to present itself in a confident manner in a contemporary global society. The terms, under-developed, least and less developed or developing is not at all about the bugs (I mean money) rather it’s about the whole set of socio-economic tools that accumulate itself to generate or degenerate the accessories of everyday needs (not only in terms of materialistic needs).
    It’s all about how a country mobilizes and manages its human as well as natural resources to generate an advanced society full of knowledge as well as material abundance.

    In my observation, no country in the world is developed. Each country is developing.
    Most of the people think that America, Europe, Japan, Middle east etc are developed which is just silly to think that because the magnitude of challenges these countries are facing is enormous but it is true that they are in a better position to face those challenges comparing to less developing countries.

    I stop here because am plunging into an endless debate.

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