The comforts of chopper flights, even the AC is not spared!

Reported by Amin Saif

Islamabad, January 25: Besieged by the inundation of KKH the people of Gojal valley are forced to travel in choppers out of and into the valley. There are some, it seems, who are flying for pleasure, including the friends of assistant commissioner of relief based in Gulmit, Gojal.

According to a report four commuters, belonging to Khyber, Sost and Shishkat, were forced out of a chopper at Ali Abad to make space for the friends and favorites of Gulimt based assistant commissioner, Usman.

“The AC gave us 100 rupees each from his pocket saying that due to some weight problem the chopper can’t fly us to Gilgit. As we disembarked and left fromt he helipad area other people climbed into the chopper and flew to Gilgit. None of them belonged to the affected area”, a passenger told Pamir Times on phone. The AC was also, reportedly, flying in the helicopter.

He protested against, what he called, “exploitative and manipulative manners of the commissioner” and appealed to the deputy commissioner and home secretary to take notice of the issue.    

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  1. It is the ill mentality of our bearucracy but the people of Hunza are not ready to accept such injust actions of the administration. The ACs and DCs are servents to serve the people and they should realize their responsibilities. If they are ot aware of their responsibilities the people of Hunza can make them learn and realize their responsibilities becouse they are no more laymen, they are well aware of their rights and they know how to fight for right.

  2. Wow- it seems the AC is having fun rides with his friends on these helicopters which is there for needy people of Hunza Valley. Not for your joyride Mr AC!! We will appreciate if Deupty Commissioner and Home Secretary take notice of this issue. Tthe action of AC in Gulmit drives me nuts and I am wondering when will their mentality change for good. Maybe not for a long, long time! In other parts of the world DC’s and AC’s are there to slove needy peoples’ problems. But in our part of the world, they create a problem for the people. Have fun Mr AC on behalf of people of Hunza!

  3. For the sake of good reporting , you should have talked to the AC first and accommodated his views as well….Only then one can decide , blame or banter the AC!!

    1. @Zameer Abbas (you should have talked to the AC first)
      I think the work of a reporter is to hear the voice of every one, what are they sayings and then publish. He is not a judge to consult the other party and announce the result and then publish it. If the inhabitants are saying so, so definitely the reporter has to publish it.

  4. Shame on the people of hunza,who are complaining against the administration which is helping them n trying their best to relief the people out there…..the people who dont get chance to ride in the helicopters spread such type of unacceptable rumours against the government….they should tolerate and let the government and administration do thier best…..

  5. @Khan Mohammad, The administration is there to serve /help the people, they are been paid for that, they are the servents of the local people,
    People of Gojal are well aware of their rights, The Ac’s, Dc’s should perfrom their duties honestly.

  6. Welcome on this blog, Mr. Zameer Abbas

    At least someone from the bureaucracy spoke up!

    There are reports of such incidents every day, some of them may be based on personal biasses but there may be some reality in these reports.

    I am based in Rawalpindi, so I can not comment what is true and what is false, but since this is an open blog where people share their version of information. I think it is the official duty of the AC in question to clarify his position.

    I can imagine the hardships faced by the officials on task in the affected area of the disaster but can also feel the agony, pain and sense of insecurity and deprivation of the population of this region who’s livelihood and future is in jeopardy.

    We the people of Gojal are in the grip of uncertainty and need official version of the prevailing situation and real efforts taken by the authorities.

    Sher Karim

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