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[Opinion] Imamat Day of H.H The Aga Khan as a day of reunion in Gilgit – Baltistan

by Nur

Thousands of Ismailis from across Pakistan and around the world have returned to their homes in various parts of Gilgit – Baltistan, or are on their way, to celebrate Imamat Day of their spiritual leader, on 11th July. 

Shah Karim Al – Hussaini Aga Khan IV had succeded his grand father, Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III, as 49th hereditary Imam of the world’s Shia Isamili Muslims, on 11th July 1957 . Every year the Ismailis celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and spiritual happniess across the world.

In our part of the world 11th July has become a magnetic event that attracts migrant Ismaili population of the region  from across the country and around the world. 

Some "city birds" on 11 July, 2008 Some “city birds” on 11 July, 2008 at Gulmit – Gojal

The migrant population of Gilgit – Baltistan has increased considerably as a growing number of students, professionals andlaborers, and in some cases their families, are shifting to urban centers of the country and the world in pursuit of education, work and better opportunities. Majority of the migrant population consists of young studetns and professionals who can’t visit their parents and homes due to education, work or both.

In the month of July the Ismaili villages of Gilgit – Baltistan, like Sultanabad (Yasin), Singal (Punial), Oshikandas (Gilgit), Aliabad and Karimabad (Hunza), Gulmit  & Passu (Gojal) and Rahimabad (Shinaki)  reflect popular urban cultures, as the number of “Shehri Parinday”- roughly translated as “city birds”, as some wittingly call them, increases in the region. At times I also feel like flying to the mountains, because I am also one of the “city birds”.

By 15 July, every year, people start returning to their jobs and education, with a renewed desire to return to the beautiful  mountains in their hearts.

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  1. I would like to extend my cordial wishes @ Imamat Day to all our Ismaili Community across the globe,,,indeed it,s a day of re-union and excitement,,,,,,,please enjoy it,,

  2. A Very Special Day for All off Us Offcourse Its,the Day of Re-Union to Come Forward and Celebrate 11 July Toughther With Seprit and Joy Which Comes Once In a Year Salgirah Mubarak in Advance to All My Friends in Pakistan and All OverThe World..

    Didar Karim
    RF-AW Gilgit

  3. My WARMEST WISHES to all , the Followers of AGA KHAN IV ,
    enjoy this day the day of Barkaat , and make it possible to give happy moments to others as you can .

  4. YAM,
    Imamat day mubarak in advance(1957………2009)
    on this beatuiful and wonderful occasion
    i pray for all ismaili community round the globe
    i wish Happy immat day in advandnce……..
    Mir Alam Jatoore.

  5. It is true that the youth are compelled to migrate to urban areas in pursuit of jobs and education. It is really a hard decision to make really to leave everything behind and live in hot and humid city life.

    I feel so depressed that our parents have to suffer a lot coping with the harsh life in the villages.

    The month of July attracts many of us to take time out of our busy city life and visit our native villages. Majority of the students have vacations and others feel suffocated during the top of summer season almost throughout Pakistan.

    What we need to do is think what we can do to reverse this trend of migration to cities because the educated youth have to leave the village without contributing to the society which really made us able to compete for jobs, places for admission in the educational institutions.

    I urge our youth who have been living in cities and those who are in the pipeline to think on different ways in which we should contribute to our civil society in the villages.

    I really miss my Gulmit.



    salman karim

  7. Dear all.

    Happy imamt day to all of you..especially to the people of GULMIT…with all my best wishes…

    Nafeesa Amir

  8. YAM
    A special Day all for our ISMAILIES .I wish u all a great IMAMAT DAY MUBARAK from my self and my family.May molah bless u all with his barakat and mushkil asan and now rise this slogen with me as

  9. Khushalli Mubark across the board to all Ismaili in genrall and the youth of Gulmitand HUNZA in particular who make it sure to participate in the IMAMT DAY proceedings to make it more colorful ,joyful,and unforgetable.In fact this provides an opportuity to shape our collective attitude and behaviour in light of the teachings of Islam in genral and guidance of MHI in particular.In fact this occasion provides a prograssive wayforward to view our role and cotributoin in a rural or urban society.

  10. Happy Imamat Day to all my ismaili brothers and Sisters in Pakistan and around the world.

    best wishes.

    Javed Ali


  11. Imamat Day Mubarak. Imam Bless all ismaili with barakat, happy healthy long life, and hope good wishes come true (Aameen ……)

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