Verification of government employees’ credentials on cards in GB, politicians to be spared!

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Gilgit, July 27: Speaker of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig, has directed the GB government to start verification of academic credentials of its employees. He has also said that those having fake degrees will be disqualified from service. He made these comments while chairing the latest assembly session.

Chief Minister, Mehdi Shah,  while speaking on the issue has said that he will soon issue directives to the concerned departments for starting the verification process. He, however, said that credentials of assembly members will not be verified because education was not a criteria for being elected to the assembly. “I am a complete illiterate but what difference does it make”, he reportedly said according to a local Urdu newspaper, Daily Sada-e-Gilgit.

Rules of Business for 2010 was unanimously approved by the assembly after debates.

MLA Mutabiat Shah presented a resolution demanding increase in the number of women seats but the resolution could not be passed.

The chief minister said that the number of general seats in the assembly can be increased.

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  1. high literacy rate ke goun ganay walay Gilgit Baltistan ka illiterate chief minister 😀

  2. its a good move from the Speaker of GBLA, it should be across the board and include all section of of employees and workers like start from politicians (who make policies and rules) bearuecrates, technocrates, employees of Public sector organization and even private sector should also be encouraged to ensure this through their inhouse systems and procedures.

    No exemptions/remissions should be allowed.

    Regards / Shah Zaman

  3. The credentials of the GB Assembly need no verification because they have been elected on the basis of corruption, not education. This must be a reason to spare them from this process.

    This is an obvious move to divert attention from real issues confronting the region while the government has been committed failure after failure. A considerable period has elapsed since this regime is in power but still they do not have a vision for the region. The only source of trade, the KKH has been blocked for seven months now and the real income of the people has decreased due to inefficient policies, corruption, nepotism and negligence.

    The common peoples problem is not the fake degrees but basic necessities.

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