351 million allocated for rehabilitation of Attabad IDPs

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Islamabad, July 22: The prime minister in a meeting today directed GB government to start repatriation of the Attabad IDPs in the month of August. He announced 351 million rupees for rehabilitation of the displaced people.

80 million rupees were also sanctioned for ‘deepening and widening’ of the dammed Hunza River’s spillway, as decided during a late night meeting yesterday.

77 million rupees have already been spent on relief operations, it was said.

The meeting was attended by CM Gilgit – Baltistan, NDMA chairman and chief secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan, among others.

It is pertinent to note here that the actual rehabilitation cost was estimated to be around 780 million rupees, as reported earlier.

If the speaker’s statement is to be believed then the current fund allocation amounts to peanuts for the IDPs of Attabad, a general term used to denote 144 households displaced from Attabad Bala and Payeen, and 54 houses displaced from Salmanabad village.

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  1. Thank you prime Minister. Thank you FOCUS for being a trusted partner. Thank you NDMA under leadership of Gen Nadeem you have become a trusted govt. organisation. We request the Hon . prime minister that these funds should be monitored by NDMA/FOCUS/Local Administration Committee

  2. 351 million is a meager amount, not even half of the estimated budget for rehabilitation…. we don’t want charity but our rights with dignity.

  3. THANKS FOR WHAT ….we are the citizens of this country they deprived us from our rights …these puppet should thanks for us that we procure our rights in civilized manner, and the 351 million are not enough for rehabilitation , the actual rehabilitation cost was estimated by Gov’t officials is around 780 million rupees,
    The make just false promises nothing else , you all know what they had done with us in past 7 months. should ponder on it seriously and the intellectuals of GB must come forward for the planning purpose so we can start new life with dignity and honor, we cannot wait any more for a piece of bread in camps , ……
    MM Qizill

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