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21 nomination papers rejected, Ghazanfar withdraws

PT Report [updated]

Islamabad, October 07: The election commission of Gilgit – Baltistan, after scruitinizing papers, has rejected twenty one nominations for various reasons, a national news channel reported. At least four of the rejected nominations were from Hunza region.

Zafar Iqbal’s nomination has been rejected on the basis of his affiliation with a government corporation. However, he reserves the right to lodge an appeal against the rejection. Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Saleem Khan, father and son, have withdrawn their nominations in support of Shehryar Khan, also a family member.

The nomination of Karim Ullah Baig has been rejected as he was one of the people proposing Wazir Baig.

Nomination papers of Mirza Hussain, former Advisor NALA, Nawaz Khan Naji (BNF – Supreme Leader), Karim Ahmad Shah, Murtaza Khan, Mir Nawaz Khan, Badr-ud-Din, Zafar Iqbal (MD NATCO), Karim Ullah Baig, Karim Ahmad Shad, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Syed Amjad Ali and Muhammad Tahir Shigri were rejected because of various reasons, including bank default, government service or other  technical reasons.                                                                       

Muhammad Ali Akhtar’s nomination paper was rejected from one ward but accepted in another ward. He had applied from LA – 5, Gilgit, as well as LA – 4, Gilgit. 

Syed Haider Shah Rizvi, a leader of BNF, had his nomination accepted from Skardu, despite of being in the list of defaulters.

The nomination paper of Raja Shah Sultan, a candidate from Skardu, was rejected because of young age.   

The candidates whose papers have been rejected can appeal against the rejection decision and after that a final list of the candidates would be issued by the Election Commission of Gilgit – Balitstan.

In the meanwhile, Rahim Durrani, former election commissioner of Punjab, has been appointed the new Chief  Election Commissioner of Gilgit – Baltistan

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  1. Dear Pt
    Pls clear the statement that their is objection on nomination paper of Mr. Zafar Iqbal not his nomination paper is rejected so his paper got objection not the rejection.

  2. i think according to the constitution of 1973 that the government servants can not take part in the election so the zafar iqbal nomination papers rejection is right .

  3. role of youth in the cuming election<
    the election of 2009 has a great effect on the future of the youth of gojal hunza, in these modern days if the youth of gojal didn,t got the politicle awareness then there is no difference between the days 50 years ago.youths are the future of the nation ,
    now most of the youthes came to know the game of politics which our politition had played with us.
    Now it is enough………………..
    now i request the youths of gojal,hunza that please don,t let any party or politition to use our youth for their self intrest, these politicle parties and politition have divided us into different groups, like village, families,tribes.etc
    they have destroy our unity,culture,brotherhood etc. they divide us because the had their own intrest .the inocent youthes had been used .there are many youths who even don,t know about the histroy of the politicle party but they are blindly supporting them.
    i have a humble request from the youths of gojal hunza that please don,t let these parties or politition to use our youth again.
    we are the great wakhi,s and we were known by their hospitality,respect for elders but the politics had change our attitude,mentelity, even our culture ,
    i request to the youth that please it is the time to show our unity, don,t be Gulmitic, shishkatic,gulkinic,passvic,shimshalic,chupursanic, sostic murkunik etc. we must be the great wakhi,s and gojali , we must amass the vote of youth of gojaland give our power full vote to him who is in real sincere and is elligible to represent us in the lagistalative assembly of Gilgit Baltistan.we must do a commitment with the politition. we want the politition who
    1-Give scholorship for the students in educational purpose
    2-help the needy and orphan students.
    3-he must make a socio-economical uplifting projects,like infrastructure.
    4-bring medication and health facilities.
    5-he must impower the local union communities so that they must be able to run their own economy rather then being dependent of external stake holders.
    6-he must give the youth a platform or a youth parliment in gojal in which youth belong to differnt village must represnt their village in the parliment and they will discuss the problem of their village .
    through thiis parliment we can bring unity among tje youth of gojal and the politition must disscus the real issue with the members of the youth parliment , which will guide or prepare them to solve different problems in future.
    7-we want youth friend politition.
    8- he must support the youth of gojal in different social issue and problem
    9- he must support female youth as well.
    10- we need that polition who bring unity among the youth of gojal not the one who divert and divide us.

    Najeeb Ullah Sagar
    F.C College

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