[Education] GSA organizes career seminar in Karachi

by Muiz Gojali

Karachi: The Ghulkin Students Association organized a one – day career seminar for students of Gojal valley at the auditorium of SMS School, Karimabad.

Professionals belonging to various fields of work discussed opportunities available in their area of interest. Practical tips were also shared by the professionals to help the students in making stable career choices.

Dr. Shahida Muhiuddin, having doctorate degree in Education, with a focus on early childhood development was the lead speaker. She has over 32 years of work experience in the field of education. In her speech she said an ordinary student in Pakistan has to face thousands of difficulties to attain knowledge and wisdom. She said that to be relevant and effective in the modern knowledge society yearning for more and more learning, remaining prepared for the uncertainty and innovation are the keys for success.

The session was also addressed by officials of AKESP who informed the students about career and scholarship opportunities, Col. Zahid about career opportunities in Army and Nadia Amin Rehman about opportunities in humanities. Alwaiz Muhammad Ali and GISAK Chairman, Karim Ali Bahadur, also addressed the gathering. Votes of thanks were offered by GSA president.

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  1. “Readers are leaders”
    It is really constructive civilities by GSA I congratulate the president and his cabinet for their success because these kinds of activities show that the objectives of the organization has been achieved with the long journey struggle. We hope such activities will be conducted for reforming the societies and talent exploration of the youth of Hunza, Gojal.

    With best wishes

    Muhammad Panah


    I am grateful to the students of GSA who are doing their best with limited resource and big thinking, well done. Since the creation of GSA it has a clear goal how to help the students in mental and monetary terms so far you are doing well and I am optimistic to do more and strengthen your potentials for the future of this mountain region. Please congratulate your cabinet members for the successful event.



  3. Arranging an event is belived to be just a single step towards the desired goal. We expect the GSA team to follow the vision and objectives of your association, which needs continous effort, and followup measures. My facilitations.

  4. As far as i remember it is second such seminar arranged by GSA during the past two years,which shows thier clear vision and commitment to education.These are the basic activities and Steps which benefit the student community directly.I hope the participants might have benefited from the Seminar.we appreciate the efforts of all such Associations and Organizations which work for education ,youth development and public welfare at large.i hope GSA will continue its efforts for students in future.

    sher Khan

  5. Congrats to the President & Members of GSA for organizing this event. Great work, Its very helpful to the students to adopt a suitable career for better future prospects.

    Good Luck to you all

  6. It has given me immense pleasure while seeing that our Associations are arranging different kinds of activities like career counselling sports and get together to thier students and residents of Gojal Hunza living in karachi.
    I would like to congratulate the president and members of GHULKIN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION for arranging such a benificial programme under limited resources and i also pay thanks to those who spared time and shered their knowledge and skills with our youth.

    Ali Masud


  7. Very practical and relevant activity. These are the kind of activities most needed by young people. My appriciations to those who did organize this event.

  8. dear member,s of GSA,
    The way you working for the educational development amonge youth is really need of todays world. so keep going.
    Navaid veercan..

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