Orders issued for opening of Chinese border at Khunjrav

Zafar Taj briefing the journalists at his office. AC Zameer Abbas is also present.

PT Report

Hunza, January 19: Pakistan Army would work on releasing water from the lake formed on Hunza river. Immigration officials have been ordered to open the Chinese border to facilitate the people of Gojal Valley. The deputy commissioner of Hunza- Nagar, Zafar Waqat Taj, shared these informations with journalists during a press briefing. He further said that releasing water from the lake might take around forty five days.

He further said that 3000 liters of fuel and additional ration to feed the population of Gojal valley for two weeks has been stored in the region.

He also said that different organizations are conducting studies on the lake and monitoring its behavior.

He also appreciated the role of various NGOs, including FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Pakistan Red Crescent Society, other community based organizations and the local people for playing unprecedented role in normalization of the disaster situation.

According to reports the water outlet is about 98 meter, 295 feet, high from the present water level in the lake. An expert monitoring the water movement informed this scribe that the water rise rate at the main block remained 4 ft in 24 hrs and 3.6 ft in 24 hrs in Ayeenabad. The water has covered about 400 meter of KKH in Ayeenabad further disconnecting about 4 km of KKH.  The water has damaged the fields and orchards of about 32 families among them 8 families have lost all their belongings. The water has collapsed about 4 cattle sheds and poses immediate threats to about 9-12 houses.

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  1. The chines govt. can be requested to help in releasing the water from the north down and the Pakistani govt. should start its operation from the other side towards the north. It will take time to release the water and the water level is increasing day by day threatening the adjacent villages. The govt. of Pakistan should take concrete initiative to release the water at least from now without further delay, to prevent the region from yet another catastrophe. The remaining part of Attabad is still a threat and it can slide down further. It is the time not only to release the water and give an alternative track but also preventive measures needed to be taken to cope with the situation in the summer. In summer if the remaining part of Attabad slides down and block the water, the time when the volume of water flow would have increased, can turn the whole of Gojal into a lack (khuda na khasta). The Govt. can be asked to declare emergency situation, allocate a separate fund and start operation on emergency basis, to release the water and alternate track to connect Gojal with rest of Pakistan.

  2. Its really good news if Pakistan army takes on to release water, they are more efficient for these kinds of emergency situation and operation and it would be better to get involve the Chinese expertise as well. opening of the Chinese border is good move but it shouldn’t be relied too much on that rather its better to release the water and to construct the highway as soon as possible.

  3. The steps taken by the local authorities are welcome and looking at the situation of over 30,000 population of entire Gojal being cut of from the rest of the country is a matter which need to be addressed on top priority basis.

    As the water level rises so does the sense of panic and risk among the people of stranded population of Gojal. The shortage of food and other necessities will definitely be looked at but the loss to property and belongings of the poor families of Ayinabad and Shishkat can be avoided only by releasing the water from the dam safely and timely.


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