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PHANDAR.COM is a beautiful addition to the list of websites catering information about Gilgit – Baltistan and Chitral. It is compiled and managed by a young team of highly talented students, mostly belonging to different parts of Ghizar District.

The first thing we noticed about the website was its catchy slogan, “We will tell you how to fish”! Phandar is famous for its Trout fishes, so, literal speaking, we have no reason to doubt veracity of the cute claim!

The main page features feeds from different news sources, giving the website a global outlook.

The website offers a comprehensive photo gallery showcasing stunning images from all parts of Gilgit – Baltistan and some parts of Chitral. A lively discussion forum, currently having 78 registered members, is also part of the web portal.

Another important feature of PHANDAR.COM might be the under-development Virtual Tourist Guide, which attempts to provide a comprehensive on-line resource for tourists.

PAMIR TIMES recommends http://WWW.PHANDAR.COM to its readers as an alternate source for more information about the Gilgit – Baltistan and Chitral region.


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  1. Thanks PT for the support. Indeed we are one of those inspired by you and hope that together we will make Gilgit-baltistan a peaceful place and show our uniqueness to the world.

  2. After looking at this very well done site,, I wonder whether the developer’s slogan isn’t a clever way of referencing an ancient quote:

    Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.

  3. Dear Management,
    I am happy to see the website of I feel, in the coming times it would play its role to highlight the issues of Ghizer District as well as GB at national, international level. It will also be a source to educate the local population on many issues.

    On the first look, I saw two pictures, one coming from Shangri-La and the other pictures from Kalash. Can I say that it would be most appropriate and right way if you use pictures from heritage of Ghizer. I am sure our heritage is so rich so few pictures can easily be taken from any segment of the society, heritage. Regards,

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