Protest demonstration against absence of college principal held in front of MLA Karam Ali Shah's house

Karim Ranjha

Chatorkhand, January 7: Students of the Federal Government Inter College Chatorkhand staged a protest demonstration in front of MLA Pir Karam Ali Shah’s house against absence of principal at the college.

Examination forms of the students remain unattested due to absence of the college principal since the past three months. The principal has been drawing salaries and perks from the college without performing duties there. The MLA reportedly got angry with the protesters and told them that he is not responsible for arranging a principal for the college.

According to some sources the principal, Syed Abdul Jalal, has been drawing perks from a community college, despite of being on the government’s payroll.

Absence of the principal has jeopardized future of hundreds of students.

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  1. Investigate the matter and if the allegation is correct award him severe punishment. This nonsense has to stop.The future of students is at stake

  2. How you expect education from a so called leader who never saw a college on his entire life, and dreaming for governor position for his wife. Don’t disturb him while dreaming….. But it is good for sleeping people of Ishkoman/Chatorkhand, as they are now getting rewards of their votes and respects rendered to the Pir since ages.

    My suggestion to Pir Sahib is to wake up and count the countless votes he is getting from the area. It is your responsibility to do something but your are doing nothing because your are getting all the perks and privileges and enjoying the political position without rivals through the innocent people of Ghizer.

    I think it is better not to expect anything from him as he don’t know about education, his own sons are studying abroad, because the funds and fixtures are spent there in England not in Chatorkhand. so he is not worry at all about the difficulties and future of young students of Ishkoman.

  3. It is not fair to think that elected representatives are responsible for everything. If there is no principal for sometime that is the issue of education department and this issue will persist for ever. If there is no principal then definitely there must be some in charge principal or assistant principal who is looking after the college matters. It is not to be believed that the college is at stake due to the absence of principal. It is also morally wrong to protest in front of someone’s house whether it be Pir Karam’s house or someone else’s. What is evident from this incident is that there seems to be some political move behind this protest. I think this protest has been sponsored and staged by the political opponents of Pir Karam Ali. At this time, when there are consideration at high levels about appointment of Pir Karam or his wife as governor, the political opponents or those who are not happy with this, want to send a wrong message to federal government. When I say political opponents, it does not mean that they are necessarily from other parties, they are within PPP as well and some of them are having high portfolios in the present set up. The people should understand these political moves and they should play in hands of these opportunist elements.

  4. One correct in my comment: If there is no principal for sometime that is the issue of education department and this issue will NOT persist for ever.

    1. Well Immaculate Dreams. Your comment to this post is simply reflect the typical political voyage of Pir Karam Ali Shah, I would suggest you to look at developed countries and their polotical system, where the leaders are responsible for the welfare of the people, through education and socioeconomic development.

      You are asking to the people to go Gahkuch to logged their protest in front of the education department not to bother the elected MLA and let him to enjoy uninterrupted luxurious life….
      appreciated your comments.

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