[PT Election Cell] Who shall lead hunza?

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  1. Dear Noor bhai You had missed one of the Strongest Candidate from hunza. Mr Ijlal Hussain Belongs from Nationalist Party GBDA his poision is very strong in hunza. I belongs from Karimabad, two candidates are contesting form karimabad, even in karimabad here are many supporters of GBDA.

  2. u r rite my friend in these critcal conditions we need someone with enough knowledge and understanding of the world…..
    jiye NOOR MOHD

  3. is this true that the people of Gilgit Baltistan is wellcomming MQM Iin the region, i dont thing so. Mr noor update the true story

  4. @ Javed Iqbal sahib, yes, we are welcoming MQM in Gilgit Baltistan with great hearts. Not only welcoming them, we are gonna win some seats as well.

    @ Fariha Ali, do we want someone whose past has been VERY controversial? Do We want a leader or we want someone who’s gonna resign soon after winner (Mr. Noor better forgets his winning though). Think!

  5. PPP candidates are very strong in Hunza and Gilgit, The people who are in favor of MQM are due to fear and for getting sympathy of MQM in Karachi. Secondly Kamil Jan is settle in Karachi so we hard to see him after elections. thirdly MQM in provincial party not National party like PPP, So vote for PPP

  6. who told you people that MQM is provincial… when PPP had started it was also the same and came to north like the same….. MQM supports the common people not mirz and vaderaz and choors…..jiye MUTAHEDA

  7. Ali, we don fear, we believe MQM is emerging as liberal political party that is truly representing the middle class or poor masses of Pakistan, which speaks and implements its promises. Karachi city’s development is a living example. Besides, in Karachi, they already protect Ismailis, not only to get votes but also, they believe we are a progressive sect of Islam and are above religious prejudices. SO WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

    Secondly, Nazir Sabir was settled in Islamabad and Wazir Baig is settled in Giligt, but being settled in Gilgit, what he’s done for us, especially when PPP’s leader Mehdi assured us of 2nd seat, what he did? Did Wazir and Nazir help us in securing that seat or they betrayed us when we were fighting for the seat.


    If you think Wazir is a leader, can you give just a single meeting that Wazir attended after loosing last elections in Hunza. He was lost, he was gone, he was out of scene. Like others, when elections came on, he appeared on the scene. Do you think, this what a LEADER should do?

    @ Fariha Ali, no need to comment on your post! Cheers

  8. @ Sajjad Baig, I can count 101 reasons to vote MQM, see this the problem us that when we talk of voting, we don’t vote to the political party, rather we vote to the individual. Anyways, people, if you have problem with Kamil Jan having no degree. Let me tell you, Mustafa Kamal was a telephone operator now he’s mayor of Karachi, a mayor with a vision, not only seeing the vision but he made it sure that it was implemented. Today, Karachi is a changed, developed with much better infrastructure. And that vision of MQM’s not alone Mustafa Kamal’s. Besides, unlike PPP which is raped by our dear president, who’s raping constitution of Pakistan and has emerged even a worst dictator then a Zia or Musharaf, MQM believes in democracy.

  9. @ EK, you would agree with me that MQM also beat many of our students in Karimabad insult ladies especially in Salimabad colonies Karachi, looting people, snatching vehicles and murder is no big deal for MQM activist. MQM start their politics with FEAR,FEAR and FEAR, with Kalashnikov culture , and we remember the construction of big walls and Gates in many areas of karachi where MQM is in majority and no one can inter or walk on those link roads other then Mahajirs.

    MQM GAIN POWER BY FEAR and TERROR. not with Charismatic and leadership quality like PPP.

    The concern of people of GB is they again use the tool of TERROR AND FEAR, to gain their power in GB.

  10. i am in favour of Fariha, Sajjad and Ali for opposing MQM brand of politics. MQM is simply a posse of murderers, extortionist, money launderers, jokers and hypocrites.

  11. Dostoo bolnay ka waqt gaya abe karnay ka waqt hain ..

    koe kuch karnay wala nahe jab tak khud emat nae karoogay hum.

    Hume chaiaye ki hum apnay ap ko Strong Kary Na ki kisi Or Ko

    batow muje

    kiay hum Punjab ki Awaz ban sakty ….??

    kiay hum Peshawar ki Awaz ban sakty …..??

    kiay hum balochitan ki Awaz ban sakty ……??

    kiay hum Sindh ki Awaz ban sakty ……??

    Kiya diya hain hume seeyasee Parties nay aaj tak .?????

    G A Gilgit -Baltistan

    GEO OR Gnay Do

    Jeet KE Geo

  12. @ Ali, thanks for your comments, I really appreciate your feedback. You see, the very same things are being carried out PSF and PYO, Zardari Lovers. Al Murtaza, whose members were trained by RAW, have been very much same, in fact, in some cases, they were even worst. My cousin has seen these things, being a member of PSF.


    What we need to do is to see the current changes in politics, the party policies and their implementation and the trends. I’m a very active member of PPP, have run election campaigns 2007 elections, with sleepless nights. But the PPP, we talk about is no more that PPP. That charismatic leadership is ousted by YES SIR MEN OF ZARDARI. I’m a heart broken PPP activist. If leaders like Aitizaz Ehsan were in power, if they were holding the important seats in in party as well as government, of course, we’d have been there for our party. Now that PPP you are talking about has been hijacked by a group of criminals, such as Zardari and Rehman Malik. I know one of PPP’s leaders, a city president, who doesn’t even drink water from our (Ismaili’s) hands. WHAT DO YOU SAY HERE?

    Talking about MQM, see their party politics now, their leadership selection system is very much democratic, they are far above religious fundamentalism, and are the most liberal political party. Altaf Hussain, says, if MQM gets power, they would let Qaadianis to practice their religion as openly as any other muslism do, whereas, it was our party who’d banned them.

    MQM’s past must have been bad, so was and is PPP’s past, present and future, they way they are going.

    Nevertheless to talking about their hard work and implementation of their promises in Karachi.

    And it was MQM which has donated hundreds of acres of land to MHI to build the school of excellence and Science University.

    They are becoming a mainstream political party, so, they have already turned their heads away from torturous politics. We must also look into the root causes, why they’d to adopt that way of politics? Why Hindustanis were considered to be a lower caste migrants and how bad they were treated by people of Pakistan.

    I’d love hear your feedback about my above reply Ali.

    Cheers bro

    1. @ EK, nice reply from you dear

      I am agree with you on point that you mentioned about the present politics of MQM and PPP,

      I am not consider ZARDARI as a political leader of PPP, you better know how he came in power, In PPP there are big personalities like Ahtizaz, and other and those politician are not active due to ZARDARI.

      But any how ZARDARI (what ever he is) is in power, Our present Government is of PPP and what i think present Government is in better position to solve our problems, even a single order of ZARDARI may increase seats of HUNZA, but not on hundred orders of ALTAF HUSSAIN.
      And i think MQM in not as large to make his government in Pakistan in next ten years, so we have to with the power not with losers.
      Secondly MQM was initially (Majahirs Qawmi Movement) the prime objective of forming this parity is to unite Mohajirs for their own rights but latterly they changed their identity to (Mutahida Qawmi Movement) so how this party can survives in GB where there is not a single person leaving as Muhajir.
      But at other hand name of PPP is present in GB since Seventies.
      I am not activist of PPP and not totally against MQM presently they are doing well in Karachi, but I am giving my views as a common man. So we have to support

      Firstly to the candidates whose party must by in power,
      Secondly the candidate must be political worker with long affiliation with his party (not loota),
      Thirdly the candidate should not corrupt and known person in the area not a new face.
      Although no one is perfect but I think Wazir Baig of PPP is best for HUNZA. if he got sincere people around him and he may also improve his standard.


  13. Mr Ali, thank u very much 4 a very nice comment, now it is necessary 2 all Gilgit’s and Baltistani’s 2 recognise this nobody can teach us the lesson of politics, whatever we want 2 do, we can do it our best without any masters. We the great people of GB. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD GILGIT BALTISTAN PAINDABAD.

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