Glocal Identity


 Local and foreign cultures are blending more and more in our society. There is beauty and charm in the blending of symbols. What is needed is making sure that the local elements are not ignored or looked down at. In this photograph Tayabullah Baig (Karimabad, Hunza) can be seen donning a traditional local cap, while dressed in “Western” dress.

[Photo by Naveed Ullah Baig

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  1. Cute Boy with solely Cultural Identity of local cap; Along with our physical cultural norm, our ethical norm is compulsory and we must be proud of that as well. Keep it up with limited modernity.

  2. We can not avoid modern outfits but should not ignore our own symbols, We should proudly use our local dress besides wearing jeans and T shirts.

    The issue is selection of dress that fits our social norms.

    We are feeling that our traditional dresses are vanishing from amongst us like our traditional Dulha is more dressed in western suits rather then the traditional outfits and Our Dulhans………God forbid…where are we heading to……..totally indian dressings, make up, laden with artificial jewelry replacing our own indigenous jewelry like Sirsila, Mushtibar, etc.

    We are blindly adopting all the bad things of indian society which they themselves hate but are compelled to follow.

    We need to revive our own cultural dresses in festivals and celebrations to keep them alive.

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