GB Government’s official website stuck in time

A screen shot of the website's homepage


Islamabad, November 28: The official website of the government of Gilgit – Baltistan ( has not been updated since August 2010.

On the home page one can still see information about the late governor, Dr. Shama Khalid, and the former chief secretary. Information about the former governor and her message are also present at a separate page.

The news update section tells us about the ‘upcoming Babusar Festival’ that was cancelled in the month of August, due to destructions caused by the rains and floods.

The website also informs about settlement of “28,148 IDPs” of the Hunza Lake emergency, but is silent about the condition of thousands displaced by the floods and rains and that occurred much later. In fact, no information about impact of the flood disaster and the subsequent government response can be found on the website.

The Jobs section has been “Under Construction” since the website started.

There are also serious factual and grammatical errors in the content posted on the website. Especially, the section on “Culture and Heritage” seems to have been compiled half-heartedly, without research. No wonder it fails to give any significant insight about the region’s rich cultural heritage.

A positive feature of the website is presence of important downloadable documents, like the presidential order 2009, annual budget, rules of business, financial rules and other documents pertaining to investment potential of the region. These documents provide insights about the governance structure and economic potential of the region, which is of high interest to millions of people around the world.

One must appreciate the government for purchasing a domain and making the efforts to compile some information online. However, lack of latest updates and factual and grammatical errors tend to nullify any possible positive impact it may leave on the visitors. In many cases the website tends to misinform the readers.

The foremost objective of the GB Government website should be to share accurate information about the geography and society of its people, besides disseminating updates about government policies, projects and programs, as the case may be.

Making regular updates of the website possible would require a system within the government departments whereby information available in the public domain is sent to a central location for uploading on the web portal. A team of IT professionals, of whom there is no dearth in GB, can be put in place to convert the website into a central and credible information source for the global community.

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  1. It sucks & shows we GB people are not technical & a backward nation. Shame on govt IT officers in GB. Stop just collection free salaries for god sake do some work as well .

  2. As per my information any domain is free provided a request is made on official letter head with proper seal and signature.

    Web site was developed by and probably they are maintaining it also. Any one from dzignet reading this or some one who have a friend working for dzignet could ask them and post here who is supposed to maintain the site dzignet or IT Officers of GB Govt.

  3. Dear readers,
    We must really appreciate the effort of pamirTimes’ officials, who are really putting high effort to make the blog successful. This site really helps students, who are living in any part of the world to understand, what is going on in the region. This is the only authentic source, through which we can get information about social, economical, and political situation of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Thanks.

  4. I don’t know what is the use of this website for the CM and ministers who don’t know English……………

  5. Its really very important point to be noticed. . .the students need to know alot about the education administeration. . they need to know about the scholarships & many more. . but the education director just announces about it & forgets to go through the application forms & merit lists. . .how will the students know when the website is not working . . through internet they can say whatever are their curies. . . so the website really needs to be updated for the sake of students at least. . .

  6. Dear All
    Thanks for your nice comments and thanks specially Nur bhai 🙂
    Now plz let me work on it
    I will make it up to date now n after
    Hope you ppl Cooprate

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