Gilani announces package for the affected villages of Gojal

کی میرے قتل کے بعد اس نے جفا سے توبہ

ISLAMABAD, May 26 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday announced a comprehensive compensation package for the people affected by the inundation of their homes created by the artificial lake, due to land slide at Atta Abad in Hunza. Gilani dismissed criticism following his visit to Gilgit and Hunza said it would have been unfair if compensation was announced without conducting proper damage assessment.

“We will do all within our resources to alleviated the sufferings of the people,” he said and vowed to stand by the affected people in their hour of need.

He said each and every person would be cared for and assured that the government will fully support the affected people of Gilgit and Hunza.

The prime minister assured that all the 500 families would be provided due compensation transparently.

He said relief goods worth Rs 50 million have already been dispatched to the area for the affected people. He said an amount of Rs 200,000 would be paid for those who lost their land, Rs 400,000 for completely damaged houses and Rs 160,000 for partially damaged houses.

The prime minister said the government of Gilgit Baltistan would provide free wheat and flour for next two months to the affectees and Rs 100,000 for the submerged properties of Aminabad, Shishkat and Gulmit, besides an amount of Rs 5000 for each affected family for six months.

He said Utility Stores Corporation would set up its outlets at Gilgit and Sust.

To a question Gilani said there was no negligence as the helicopters made 751 sorties to provide relief goods and to evacuate and shift the stranded people. He said it was apart from relief goods carried by 3 C-130 plane loads.

Gilani appreciated the efforts of Frontier Works Organisation that created the spillway to reduce the risk of devastation and placement of an early warning system.

He said an additional food support of Rs 55 million was being provided besides an amount of Rs 45 million by NGOs and various organisations.

He also asked the government of Gilgit Baltistan to establish an Education Assistance Fund for at least two semesters for the affected children in the area.

The prime minister also announced construction of the damaged sections of the Karakoram Highway.

About the rich potential of tourism of the Northern Areas, Gilani assured that all measures would be taken to promote it and said there was no issue of extremism and terrorism in that area.

Prime Minister Gilani said the government has been involved in the relief activities since the initial landslide was triggered and frequent visits have been made by ministers and senior officials.

Gilani was also appreciative of the efforts of the governments of Punjab and Sindh for relief measures and urged other philanthropists and relief agencies to assist the government in this task.

Chairman NDMA General (Retd) Nadeem said the lake was rising by 3.1 feet a day and said in case of heavy rains or glacier bursts the process could speed up. He said with regular flow water was expected to reach the spillway by May 28.

He said red flags have been erected all along the route, the water can take if the lake bursts and people have been moved to safer places.

He said the artificial lake has 0.13 Million Acre Feet of water, while the capacity of Tabella dam was around 6 MAF and could easily accommodate this water.

He said the landslide at Atta Abad covers an area of around 2 km and it was not possible to blast it away as it could have triggered more landslides in an area which is highly unstable. He said experts of World Bank and Britain termed the measures taken as the best possible under the prevailing circumstances.

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  1. We need financial package for the revival of the local economy because it will take time now the recession even not ended

    Rehmat Karim

  2. After loosing every thing this sum amount of package is a wreckage as a gift to our people. what about our losses, only one village shishkat has lost more then 5 billion RS worth of houses, cultivatable land, tress, orchards and whole the infrastructure has been destroyed. the hundred years of its development has been completley destroyed.

    Alas! if this rubbish government had thought about giving only 2 billion RS of money to Chinese Company for spilling the debris my Entire village could have been saved from this huge loss.

  3. It’s the biggest fun of Hunza Disaster victims. Comparatively, NAWAZ/SHAHBAZ announcement was more in weighatge as compare to PM Gilani’s announcement. It,s a matter to shame to all officials / leader including, Hunza AC, Hunza DC, Wazir Baig, Chief Secretery, Governor and CM Mehdi. It’s not some thing Govt. is giving us any for charity, but it,s our basic right against Govt. annual revenues collection from leisure industry and usage of river hunza by Govt.of Pakistan.

  4. All Reader,s
    Make it know that “ANNAOUNCEMENT’ is some thing else then “PAYMENT”. People should paid 1st. Otherwise its like to fool a child that i will give you money to buy chocolate, So please stop carrying.

  5. wel if the govt wana give some money take it,who knows they might refuse tommorow.

  6. A verbal counter attack, in retaliation to what the Sharif Brother have made

    Battle ground Gojal , cold war of announcements

  7. These politicans and their braggadocio
    about all the great things they hae done
    and all the sacrifices they have made or
    will make for King and country.

    But when it comes to spending a miniscule bit of their
    hard(ly) earned money stashed away in
    foreign accounts to help in the relief of their
    countrymen “O NO!” thats the job of govt the people of Pakistan NGOs
    and foreign aid donors but not the ruling elite from another world.

    As usual empty promises.

    Every moment spent away from the federal capital
    is a personal loss for these “foreigners”.

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