We have enough resources, says CM

Press Release

Islamabad, January 22: According to a press statement issued by Shebaz Khan, former member of district council Gilgit, the chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan has said that there is no immediate need to get international help for rehabilitation of the people directly and indirectly affected by the Attabad disaster.

According to the press statement Shebaz met Syed Mehdi Shah today at the Gilgit – Baltistan house, here in Islamabad. Views were exchanged regarding rehabilitation and relief for the victims and survivors of Attabad disaster during the meeting.

Shebaz has asked the chief minister to remind interim governor about his promise to lay off smaller loans in the disaster hit area. He has also said that till release of water from the lake, the economy of Gojal would be completely destroyed.

“The government shall lay off small loans from Ahmedabad to Chipursan and declare the region calamity hit”, states the press release.

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  1. Mr. Shabaz just realize your past history and do not blame the activated government. You just doing corruption in the past and you did not realized . In the sost port you did so many ill wishing things and that time the local people suffered too much. Now you are becoming too much popular in showing a care for the people of gojal, just a joke .

  2. CM need to thing beyond prvoiding food and blankets to the effectees. He should demand from the govt of pakistan the settelment of the Attabad effectees and consentration on the release of water from the artificial lake to save the the inhabitants of gojal. govt has yet to start work on the release of water which is threatning the 25000 population in the uper part of hunza and CM with his cabinet is failed to deliver to date. He should pay serious consideration to the matter befor the outbrust of people agains the GB govt. They need to realize the severity of the disaster and take the matter seriousely other wise it will be against the interest of the PPP govt in GB.

  3. I don’t think that it is proper time and place to criticize others on political grounds. Every one is well aware about the past facts, but let us come together and work to ease the difficulties of the people suffering.
    We must appreciate the efforts of Mr. Shehbaz in this regards as well. His efforts may bring some positive change in the situation in any form.

  4. At time when everyone talks about lack of resources it is encouraging that CM comes with the statement of having sufficient resources at hand for meeting the challenges. Of course, there must be some assurance, on the basis of which the CM is so sure of being able to handle the situation without appeal for any other aid.
    Well, if there is any assurance from the government to provide sufficient resources to meet the challenges, it must be welcomed. But if the CM has just eyed on the budgetary allocation for Gilgit-Baltistan and wants to spend a portion of that on the present crisis, it will be unwise.
    The present challenge is unprecedented and the gravity of which has not still been realised and if CM think that it is over then this will not be a judgement proper to the situation. Nobody knows how long the water will stay blocked and to what extent the height will rise and in the process how much loss will occur. And then of course, many other related issues will have to tackled in the process, which will require resources. Therefore, if there is an appeal from the government for more resources, it will not be out of place rather it will contribute to mitigate the suffering of the people,

  5. Dear Mr, Jamal
    What do you mean by activated governement. Just see the video on pamir times today up loaded by Zulfiqar and you can see the comments of local people about the activated governement. Where are the ministers who visted the area during the election. Thanks to marvi memon who highlighted this issue.

  6. Mrs jamal its not the time to talk on past history…what is wrong there.if shahbaz khan demand from the govt of pakistan..i think u can’t know the situation here at Gojal..I’m agry wth u but it’s not the time to comment on each other’s..

  7. Everyone knows that shahbaz is a pawn of the chinese.he will do anything to get in the lime light.

  8. Sleeping CM, and GB members should realize the importance of releasing water from the Hunza River before it sinks two major villages, Shishkat and Gulmit,
    We are well aware of the performance of FWO in the past and now they have been assigned to work on release of water ,,,it shows the failure of newly elected GB representative.
    We need working representative not sleeping one’s

  9. dear jamal

    this is a good step of Raja shabaz we can appricate this step. no one is perfact in this world xcpt Allah………………….may b possible u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so dnt comment like this as a educated person…………….

  10. i is really shamful the way jamal talked. Such personal dislikes have always kept gap between people and leaders. It is time to appreciate every single who is doing effort in this regard.


  11. agreeing with holonas n its rite tht marvi is doing something fo us and she has done alot 4 the people of GB and hope tht she will be keeping it up

  12. I think this is not a right time to throughing dirt upon each others. this is the time to come forward with unity and do some thing good to rehabilitate and accomodate to the effected population. For God sake it’s our request to all intellectuals and diginitries to please make comprehenssive statements rather then negative ones and ask CM to fullfill the assurance of having enough resources.


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